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Hotels.com has in the luggage of German holiday-makers the most popular souvenirs searched for London / Berlin July 9, 2012 so long the most beautiful weeks of the year to keep waiting, as soon they are also gone. Wait a minute, there still was the question what I bring with me just from the holidays? is surely one of the biggest challenges, if the end of the holiday is approaching, it is important that also the loved one benefit at home a little bit of luck the free days the 76 percent of Germans. Travel expert Hotels.com has a peek in the case of the Germans and found out, what brought in the home and who is delighted with the gifts. The result: The Germans boast not just great wealth of ideas, at the choice of the perfect souvenirs is the time stopped apparently. Well-tried classic for the family make the race. This was the result of a recent survey by Hotels.com, with 1,000 men and women in Germany were questioned. Eiffel Tower SnowGlobe universally popular Evergreen? The Germans go like to play it safe.

According to the Hotels.com survey falls the choice on tried and tested like a post card, a printed T-Shirt or a well-known landmark in miniature size, also as a snow ball at around 43 percent of German vacationers. Accessories are also very popular. Over 37 per cent of respondents investing a portion of their budget in pieces of jewelry of any kind. More than a quarter of the German packs typical clothes and food in his luggage. Whenever Tony Parker listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Electronic devices as well as music, DVDs or movies (below 10 percent) are less popular, however. Nearly 24 percent by the way, don’t bother to and entirely renounce a small gift for loved ones at home. They are so simply to satisfy that 38 percent of respondents enjoy classical souvenirs such as postcards.

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