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The lexicon of the animal art -: once on the book market new release once on the book market a LEXICON of animal species: the UNENTBRLICHE LEXICON by Bozo Nebesch which everyone’s favorite bear is as cuddly teddy bear or effective polar bear loved and admired. Not so with Bozo Nebesch. He has brought that inherently often unpredictable properties of the predator in a completely different, sparkling or even sometimes toxic dimension. The author interprets the not too serious, imaginative descriptions of the bear from A-Z as word games, which in their statements very deep, sometimes at the borders of the “Allowed” go. But not without to elicit a nod matching to or even a smile to the reader the UNENTBRLICHE LEXICON offers in each case a wonderful entertainment. Excerpt, found under B: bear Muda of B. M. has spread its home in the Caribbean, and from there to the beaches of the world. His characteristic is an almost knee chaps at the females unfortunately the mysterious bear-Muda triangle hides.

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