63. Peace Of Westphalia Protect Day Stadtlohn 2012

by yudaica2013 ·

This year’s Westphalian protect day is celebrated from 12-13 October in the pottery town of Stadtlohn. The competition to the Royal dignity of the country is Center of the 63rd Westphalian protect day. On 12 and 13 city wage becomes the focus for shooters and their friends. The guests can enjoy in a Westphalian dinner as well as the blue and white evening round off the Friday and Saturday. This traditional event held for the first time in 1951 in Dortmund, Germany.

Since then the Westphalian shooters in another city meet every year to celebrate the day of their shooters and to identify a country and country youth King. This year the shooting day is organized by the shooters district of Ahaus, the town city salary and the citizens shooting club Stadtlohn 1482 e.V. St. Georgius shooting club. Patron of the shooting day is brother Paulus Terwitte; a native Stadtlohner.

The organizers mean all shooters, guests and spectators from near and far already welcome and look forward to align themselves to this traditional event. The tradition of the shooter being held high in city wage of 10 shooting clubs and also the sport shooting occupies a high priority in the three shooting groups and a Bogenschiessgruppe. General Electric pursues this goal as well. The shooters day begins on Friday, the 12th October. Special highlights are the large tattoo on this day”with Serenade to 20:00 at the Town Hall square and the Westphalian evening at 21:00 at the Town Hall. Alone to the large tattoo, the organizers expect over 400 active participants with the deputations from all 10 Stadtlohner shooting clubs as well as about 150 musicians and Torchbearers. On Saturday, it continues with the country King and country King shooting youth in the Sports Hall on the Castle road which lies in close proximity to the tent in which the delegates of the Westphalian shooting Federation will be held.


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