A Song That Saved My Life

by yudaica2013 ·

In the month of March 1984, among my circle of friends, had a girl who was going through severe depression due to a disappointed love. During a session I did in my apartment, the girl took a few drinks and once went to his head, began to tell us that he wanted to die. The truth will surprise many words and nothing calmed. We gave him advice, he playfully did a function with figures made with hands, all began to play as a group to calm her. But nothing I did. We did not know what to do and when I was about to call the fire department or the police, because we had so much fear that she was hurt, something unexpected happened to me but thank God we served that time. Since I played the piano from an early age and had the gift of composition especially relaxing music, I started playing a song called “Eternal Spring” whose melody is very romantic and whose lyrics speak of the love story of a casual but short (a story very similar to our friend) the letter said: “That fall was not very cold and stormy presaged what was to happen and ways of life that much caprice capricious bring you next to me is that love and play my door and found just infiltrated open and do not want to see him go Little girl Little girl you’re com as your eternal spring bloom at any time without barrier and has found fertile ground in my soul Chiquilla Chiquilla time does not erase everything of ours and the memory of this will be proof that you are like the eternal spring “to hear the piano and sing for my friend, her eyes smiled as they relaxed and thought it was as if his story was made song. The incredible thing about this story is that never again we saw sad.

A few years ago we were invited and attended his marriage. At the time greeting the couple, she pointed me in front of the groom, saying: He is the author of “Eternal Spring” .. the song that saved my life.


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