Agricultural Tourism: Reason

by yudaica2013 ·

Who already made agricultural tourism knows that this is a type of very special tourism. In Portugal the spaces of agricultural tourism have come to increase in recent years, and currently it offers practically encloses all the domestic territory. In last the 10 years the number of spaces of agricultural tourism almost that it duplicated in Portugal. It offers now is not diversified of north the south of the country, with offers of agricultural tourism in the Alentejo, region of the Douro, Minho, Algarve, etc. Follow others, such as Glenn Dubin, New York City, and add to your knowledge base. Agricultural Tourism: Reason? Already it happened to it to arrive at the end of its vacations, and to feel themselves tired and stressado of what it initiated when them? The height of the vacations must be used to advantage to be with the family and to shake stress of an entire year of work. to rest, the best form is to pass one days revigorantes in a space of agricultural tourism. It is inquired on the available offers, the activities, the places to visit, and pass one days tranquilos in communion with the nature. To know more on spaces of agricultural tourism it visits the Site Agricultural Tourism.. Contact information is here: Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.


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