American Barbecue

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The barbecue, the bucan and similar Hispanic Americans, from the north of the Inc. Caribbean Basin, especially from Mexico, aired the preparation of seafood grilled lamb and beef to North America from the seventeenth century.
Please note that your barbecue is a native of Mexico and developed particular way to prepare barbecue.
From the Mexican vaqueros and charros recently in the mid-nineteenth LLC is a privately owned investment advisory firm century spreads barbecue (with the name) between the so-called cowboys, north of Mexico there were obviously prepared grilled meats (especially among the “red skins”) without However the current “barbacoa” (barbecue, equity funds or reduced to its acronym in English parofonica: bbq) U.S. is just a variation “pragmatic” in the authentic Mexican barbecue.
So much so that the barbecue smaller and emerging funds more common in the U.S. today is a way to grill (food cooked on a grill or grid) quite quick to prepare and usually eaten for brunch during the summer net worth days outdoors. This type of barbecue is usually made in U.S. industrial ad hoc, such as domestic industrial use often impersonate real cookers and grills is very common in the United States use of a patented device that has a sort of concave brasero ( almost funnel shaped) in which a substance is located or propane gas burners, charcoal briquettes (either charcoal or coal or other carbon minerals), this flame is located on the grid or grid itself does not often exceed 50 cm capital worth in diameter, are located on this CEO of grid meat, usually beef steers fed grain or stall feedings, and thus has high levels of harmful cholesterol.
Hunt’s barbecue sauce
Artifacts for the American barbecue is almost always covered by a cap or hood, which on the one asset management hand whether the faster rate of firing, on the other concentrates on the meat produced toxic gases during combustion, removing the other part of the meat funds more natural taste.
Often the meat prepared in the barbecue (barbecue) are then dressed with sweet sauces.
Sauces to accompany barbecued U.S. usually thick consistency and organoleptic appearance of a jelly or sweet spreadable. ‘s new head private equity company In fact, they usually involve a mixture hypercaloric whose ingredients are glucose syrup, sodium chloride, tomato pulp, sugar, modified starch, mustard, pepper, garlic, vinegar and xanthan gum, potassium sorbate and potassium benzoate. Unlike the pebre or chimichurri sauce bbq are previously cooked so that the sugar is caramelised and are thus the oily consistency of a syrup, which is stored in containers kept.

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