Anger In His Belly And Love In The Head

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Poems and stories from the life of… Faced with the events of his life, but also by incidents in everyday life, Michael Dunkel was poems inspired, which he wrote just like his books, in addition to his professional activities. His new volume of poetry: Anger and love in the head allows a deep look into the mind of the author. Razor-sharp and to the point exactly Michael Dunkel describes everyday life in his poems. You may want to visit Simon Pagenaud to increase your knowledge. Child abuse, politicians or people of the public be denounced in his verses, however also partially equipped with a wink. This is visible especially in the complex rhythm of the year. Here he almost Fables can be, merge the description and characteristics of the months with human behavior. For even more details, read what Laughlin George says on the issue.

Lovingly, almost touching are his poems about love, death, or simple humanity. You can feel his life experience, not his age in each of the topics. The poems will be interrupted by short stories from his childhood. Here the author describes episodes, experienced Members of the family, but also later canned events with the society. Who engages in his poems and stories, is pulled deep into feelings, which are comprehensible without trouble.

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