Antipatrones Management

by yudaica2013 ·

Jamie Tisch Productivity at all costs: The company is Ernst looking for productivity at the cost of software quality and quality of life of its employees, is trying to homogenize the jobs away to the extent possible permits to developers to avoid damaging operating systems, monitors the equipment and cutting the current visibility of certain pages or meetings of programmers, in the end we get people to leave the company if the situation is unsustainable, it tends to occur in 1 or two cycles years.
Responsible absent (Absentee manager): the situation where the main or coordinator is absent or remains unaccounted for or not reachable for significant periods of time.
All you have is a hammer (all you have is a hammer): Gestion gray and flat, incapable of dealing with subordinates in a personalized way and in accordance with their particular needs.
Negotiator steel cage (cage match negotiator) is applied when a coordinator, or manager responsible for implementing a philosophy of success at any price. Jamie Tisch
Two Sides (Doppelganger): Coordinator or partner in a given time can be enjoyable and easy treatment, but also can become so irrational and ruthless unexpected.
Rodeos unproductive (fruitless hoops): manager or coordinator who requested large amounts of data (sometimes without any relevance) before taking a decision.
Golden boy (golden child): the situation where certain responsibilities, opportunities, recognition and rewards go to a team member as a result of a personal relationship or in contradiction with their actual performance.
Headless chicken (Headless chicken): It applies to the manager, coordinator and responsible living in a permanent situation of panic and desperate measures.
But not leading manager (leader not manager): A good leader is not necessarily be a good manager, coordinator or responsible.
Cloned Management (managerial Ernst cloning): Situation in which the coordinators or managers are hired and trained to act and all work the same way, the image of their own bosses.
Manager but not a leader (manager not leader): A bright focal point in their administrative and management duties, but lacks leadership skills.
Abuse of the metric (metric abuse): Use manipulative or incompetent measures and metrics.
Friends of Mr (Mr. Nice Guy): It applies to the manager who wants to become friends with everyone.
Hero of the proletariat (Proletariat hero): The “used for everything,” which is always given as an example to his colleagues, but that really is the perfect excuse to increasing demands and expectations of steady increases.
Nascent stars (rising upstart): It applies to those who have potential, they are unable to respect the established career asset Management and seeking to circumvent the terms and conditions of learning and maturity.
Executive without character (executive spineless): manager, coordinator or responsible not have the courage to face the situation, to assume responsibility for mistakes or give up for his subordinates.
Knight of three heads (three-headed knight): Manager indecisive, weak, hesitant.
Ultimate weapon (ultimate weapon): highly competent individuals in the organization or their confidence as they become the channel through which everything happens.
Latest (warm body): Worker that barely covers the minimum expectations, and therefore moves from project to project or team equipment.

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