Biochemistry Of Stress

by yudaica2013 ·

Millions of men and women in all spheres of life, from vendors and office workers to housewives, face the constant pressure of responsibilities at work and at home, and often reach exhaustion. All these people squeezed stress. Stress very dangerous for our body. It not only affects our emotional state, but can lead to serious physical disorders. Stress state of an organism that occurs when the presentation to him of any requirements. People are often caught in stressful situations. And when that happens, the body develops a few responses, leading to a state of readiness. First and foremost is the production of stress hormones (Corticosteroids). They give a flash of energy that is needed to fight for life in any way, whether you are running away from danger or enter into a battle with the predator.

This mechanism was certainly helpful in ancient times, when such increased activity saves the life of a man and during the stress hormones are spent as intended. However, today only a few of us have with this kind of danger. Our days are filled with clashes with the harsh bosses, difficult clients, rude cashiers and depressing the need to economize. For all of the brain is equivalent to stress and it also triggers the alert. And the problem here is that Most of our cases stress can not exit this way, such as the fight with the boss or run away from him. And if we do not, then stress hormones remain in the body and over time can lead to serious violations. They bring harm to literally every system in the body from the heart to the brain, thereby provoking the emergence of a problem, the cause of which we had no idea comes to associate with stress, such as:-It is believed that the development of osteoporosis has no relation to stress.


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