Black Sea Fleet

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Usually it is about 65%, it is considered best for people of European race, good for your heart. The most interesting and diverse mountain biking in South-western Crimea (between the cities of Simferopol – Bakhchisarai – Sevastopol – Yalta – Alushta). Mountains up to 1545 meters, the complex rocks and canyons are combined with gently sloping hills and cool valleys, various beaches framed by coastal stone of chaos. Humanity has mastered these fertile valleys tens of thousands of years ago. Founded the town and the harbor ancient Greeks and Byzantines in the Middle Ages, created 18 so-called 'cave' cities. Each of them, especially Mangup, extremely interesting for mountain bicycle, including the most challenging riding style – Bike Climbing (conquering rocks).

On photo – view from the Tepe-Kerman at Valley Bodrak. Recently appeared in an extreme direction – Diggers (researchers dungeons) tazhe will find a lot of excitement here is not simply the abundance of the catacombs. Since ancient times they were used for military purposes. Balaklava is a unique building – an underground shelter with submarine tunnels in the tens of kilometers. In the valley of Kacha on military secure command post's Black Sea Fleet ALSU , 5 km of tunnels cut through the monolithic column of 400 m of rocks.

Access to many of the most famous military sites in the last war three thousand years, from the battles between the Greeks, Scythians and Roxolans, and ending two bespremernymi defense of Sevastopol in the XIX and XX centuries. Modern Crimea militarization left the world's largest trampoline for aircraft – simulator of naval aviation, as well as the unique space objects such as plates stations receiving space information area of 4000 square meters. In principle, they can ride! It was cut through the Mountain Crimea in all directions, the famous old pack trail. They are striking in their canopy, and most importantly – they often lie among shady oak, beech and pine trees that fill the air volatile production.


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