Broken Lights

by yudaica2013 ·

Moscow Tanya says something like suburbia Peter. Says she lives in St. Petersburg and Moscow is working. In October of 1996. Whenever San Antonio Spurs listens, a sympathetic response will follow. held his first solo concert in Moscow in the theater 'Variety', entitled 'My Russian heart.

" These were the first concerts with the dancing at a concert attended show ballet A. Brass 'Todes'. Tanya is very worried. The hall was attended by Alla Pugacheva, Kristina Orbakajte, Hope Babkin, Love Assumption, Irina Saltykov. Was very pleased when, after Concert Alla went to Tanya and said many kind words in her address, said that 'this is the only concert where you can and cry and laugh heartily. " In 1996, after the album 'My Russian heart', written together with composer Oleg Molchanov, in press reported that Tania changed her image. In fact, the 'Summer Garden' began his career as a dance group, and each album was 2-3 lyrical songs – it is the law of the genre.

And initially gained the most popularity is the slow songs like 'Do not cry', 'How sad', 'Only You'. There was a misconception that the singer's repertoire is so sad. In each album there is a lyrical songs, just maybe they have recently become less bright than the dance. Tatiana has been involved in filming tv series "Streets of Broken Lights ',' Gangster Petersburg", which performed songs from St. Petersburg authors. During filming, the singer met with the composer and poet Andrei Ivanov Dimitri Rubin, who created such hits as 'Invite a lady to dance' performed by Alla Pugacheva, 'bout the way' (M.


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