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-Podes read? "Yes, at home there is an announcement like that," I said. -Y as you learn? "With the grandmother and the book of fish, fish yQue book? "Grandma gave me a book of fish bought from a vendor who was once a home. My mother was speechless. Yes, with the grandmother had learned to read, although in Latin, Dea repeat endlessly illustrated catalog names of fish that gave me my fourth birthday. Mastacembelus erythrotaenia, read before bursting into laughter, as if she were the girl and I am the adult.

He made me repeat it several times, and so I was memorizing every name associated with the photograph in question. My grandmother was enjoying reading aloud Xiphophorus helleri guentheri, laughing each time as if he had a marvel. The catalog of fishes followed an insect and so I went from Tetraodon miuris and the image of the puffer fish or Cyrtodiopsis nobilitatis Poecilobothrus dalmanni, while at home was the Periplaneta americana (cockroach) most hated creature and all, including myself, gave him constant war. a It was however, the kingdom animalia, scorpion class that dominated my interest, given the abundance of scorpions in our solar and the seedier corners of the house. It was the Chactas gestroi, which I quickly store formalin in a container of baby food, and somehow unsuspected, word spread in the neighborhood and in less than a month, returning to Valparaiso, Chile gave me a pococki Centromachetes preserved in resin, I kept a copy as a treasure and watching alone every night under the lamplight, like a little devil of a time immemorial, when the man had not yet walked on the face of the earth.


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