CinemaxX Man Evening

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The CinemaxX man evening with the preview of ‘STAR TREK’ great costume contests with fabulous prizes. . ‘STAR TREK’ is the story of the birth of the original enterprise crew on May 6 at 20:00 with this film and the beginnings of her space adventure narrated. Both Stuttgart CinemaxX cinemas show STAR TREK”already on May 6 as a preview in the gentlemen’s evening. The cinemas matching host a costume competition. The best covers are awarded high-quality prices. FEDCON – Europe’s largest Star Trek – Science Fiction Convention accompanied the local events and bring lots of great giveaways for the guests. Summary of STAR TREK”: so far it has brought James t.

Kirk (Chris Pine) only to the young ruffians, who has not yet found its place in life and in his small country town shuns no Brawl. This changes only as Captain Pike (Bruce Greenwood), a friend of Kirk’s late father, it prompts to begin at Starfleet Academy. As the Romulan Nero (Eric Bana) then threatened the home of Spock (Zachary Quinto), Kirk grows beyond themselves. ‘ Lost ‘ guru J.J. Abrams. dare to restart and put a spectacular prequel to the popular space saga with his sci fi adventure.

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