Company Management

by yudaica2013 ·

In practice, often faced with a situation where a new CRM-system was not accepted by most members of the various causes and various tricks guide, designed to motivate employees to use the system did not work. Does this situation is that investment in CRM-system, and much additional work on its adaptation, implementation and training of staff have been made in vain? In fact, we can not say that the CRM-project failed, even when it did not take most of the staff. There are ways to run the system, which the company's management can implement, with the participation of only a few employees! This is due to social theory, a minority of its decisive influence on the prevailing (traditional) status. Theory of minorities in the practice of crm This theory is based on the hypothesis that the influence of minorities is fundamental change certain opinions and rules that While most have on things only a superficial impact. As a rule, the precondition for the emergence of the influence of minorities is an open conflict. If a situation arises when a negative opinion about CRM-system have almost all the staff, it is important to understand that this conflict in some way caused by management company. In this case, the focus should be given to the most progressive members, regardless of experience their work in order to obtain from them a clear commitment to support CRM-project. This idea may seem at first sight very strange, but it is necessary in this situation. It does not bear global risk functioning of the entire team, but it may affect their attitude to the field of CRM-project.


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