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Currently, the JCC competes mainly with their Wal-Mart Wal-Mart formats, Bodega Aurrera, Superama and Sam’s Club, has over 500 shops and if we include their VIPS and El Porton restaurants and clothing store Suburbia figure grows to just over a thousand. It is the national leader. In the central region and the metropolitan area of Mexico City is where has the largest market share, well above its competitors. Note that the Wal-Mart’s success lies in having absorbed the nation’s leading Mexican, Grupo Cifra, owner Aurrera and virtually all other formats. In 1999, Wal-Mart de Mexico transforms all hypermarket format stores “Aurrera” format or the Wal-Mart Bodega Aurrera.Formats Soriana Soriana, Soriana Plus, Soriana Mercado, Super Soriana and City Club, who from the first of January 2008 took the operation of the 199 Giant supermarkets in the country in their formats Gigante, Bodega Gigante, Super Gigante and Super Maz, which already turned into one of the formats of Soriana and give a total of 462 branches. This chain dominates the North and Northeast Mexico. As additional data, these regions (along with the Northwest regional chain dominated by the Casa Ley) were the only ones where the penetration of Wal-Mart is still poor. Chedraui Chedraui with their formats and Super Che, has more than 100 stores. This group has a strong presence in southern Iraq, particularly in the southeast, where is the leader, narrowly surpassing Wal-Mart.In 2005 Chedraui bought the French chain Carrefour supermarket Mexico each country, which gave him instant participation in the Federal District and states such as Queretaro, Guanajuato, Jalisco, etc, who did not have the presence of Chedraui but if Carrefour. This group also has presence in USA, specifically in California, with its shops and the super late May 2008 made the purchase at the 7 Soriana Gigante USA stores (package of 206 stores it bought from Group Giant) that are also in California, which manages to strengthen its presence in that region. They are also another type of convenience stores with new and innovative concepts like Waldo’s Mart which sells its products to dollar, and there are different types of stores it operates also the concept of all at a price.There is also competition with small shops like 7 Eleven, K, Oxxo, Super Price, Super City (of Organizacion Soriana), etc., driving some the concept of “open 24 hours.”

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