Confrontation with the automotive industry

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Chevrolet Corvair. Nader criticized for unsafe design of this car in his book Unsafe at any speed
In 1965 he made the sale Unsafe at Any Speed, a study claiming that many American automobiles, especially those of General Motors, were fundamentally flawed. GM attempted to discredit Nader, hiring private detectives to investigate his past and try to get him involved in some situations, but the effort failed. Since learning of this harassment, Nader successfully demanded the company for invasion of privacy, forced to apologize publicly, and use much of their 284,000 of the agreement to expand their efforts to consumer rights. The Nader lawsuit against GM was ultimately decided by the High Court of New York, whose opinion in the case of the alleged widespread violations of privacy that can be remedied by tort. Nader v. General Motors Corp., 307 NYS2d 647 (NY 1970).

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