Coordinating Commission

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((B) projection in a tutoring session of a video on pupils with special educational needs (c)).Organize a session where will comment on the video and discuss attitudes before them, as well as demystify some of the existing topics. (D) make solidarity campaign with the collection of gifts 3rd elaboration of a document in the first month of course, elaborated as head of the guidance Department, a document that explained that it was the integration, functions of teachers in therapeutic pedagogy, responsibility of teachers, as it should incorporate this program into the documents of the Centre, educational measures to be taken according to the educational needs of school pupils… This document was presented to the Coordinating Commission pedagogical and subsequently, with the call for the head of studies, educational teams that gave classes to these students. 4 Th assessment in each of the actions were taken a few parameters to perform evaluation 1) institutional relations. According to Charlotte Hornets, who has experience with these questions. Evaluation criteria: a) the number of students who attended the Foundation b) number of elaborate cards c) opinions of the students in the tutoring session d) satisfaction of the teachers e) Opinion of caregivers and the psychologist of Foundation 2) Tutorials: a) in the elaboration of the cards was taken into account: – objections of students – interest of shown – b) in the discussion of the video work quality: – students interest – score given by the students to the activity itself – teacher evaluation – number of questions and comments that students contributed – self-assessment of the students 3 rd preparing the integration document was decided will appreciate the accomplishment of the document and the acceptance by the teachers of this. All these actions were carried out in the Centre as well as the assessment envisaged being satisfactory results and positive. But the question if we increase positive attitudes to the integration of these pupils, honestly I can not express my satisfaction, because there were some teachers who did not change their ways of thinking and some parents did not understand what was intended with the integration. .

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