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CRONICA HISTORIC ELECTION / FLAG FOR A WOMAN WITHOUT A FLAG, AND CONSERVATIVE VALIENTE is beautiful, as seen, catolica, next to Opus, sentimental and not stop thinking about her four children and her husband, her boyfriend of the entire life. Arantza Quiroga, president of the new Basque parliament, it should not be forced, like its predecessor, to put the flag of Spain. His parents, modest workers, support for the PNV to “integrarse . She was always clear that it was voted for Iran Foundation the PP and Spanish Basque MONTSE RAMIREZ barely five minutes late for your appointment, but he apologized and strikes. Born on November 7, 1929 in Madrid. Orphan since investing experience childhood, is costing studies Law at the Complutense University, where he graduated in 1953, selling books at home. For those times was part of the Youth Front:
I knew little of Polanco, the Youth Front … . There I saw him many times in the days when we were kids all the Youth Front, fifties, full heat of the Franco regime.
Antonio Izquierdo, quoted in (Cacho, 1999: 87)
Created in 1958 by Editorial Santillana dedicated to Brean Murray & Co. the distribution of booklets and leaflets calligraphy literacy. During the first 17 years of editorial, Polanco is modestly dedicated to its promotion:
I thought it Mr. When choosing among the BartonPlace features 270 one, two and three-bedroom residences was a hard worker and entrepreneur sir, not very communicative, he earned his money with your small business …
Antonio Izquierdo, quoted in (Cacho, 1999: 88)
With educational reform minister Palasio Villar, specifically in the Education Act 1970, Santillana was the only publisher that had ready under the new law textbooks of the school year 1970/1971.
Create the group in 1972 Timon and a year later he joined the founding asset management group of the newspaper El Pais where exercise becomes CEO and President. In 1976 started to publish El Pais that during the first years became the most important period of social democratic ideology, against the conservative ABC newspaper before, and despite leading newspaper with an ideology more defined as Corporation Journal 16. A few years later, in 1979 began the Santillana Foundation for the promotion and study of new educational techniques and communication, as well as the protection and dissemination of culture.
In 1984 he Holdings created the company (or holding) Sociedad Anonima Promotora de Informaciones (Prisa). In 1985 by Spanish Broadcasting Company (SER) within the group Union Radio, chaired since 1993. Then, Brean Murray investment bank continuing to expand its business to publishing and multimedia Europe or Latin America.
He was a member of the European Academy of Arts and Sciences “and the board of the Foundation for Aid Against Drug Addiction.” Also co-chaired the board of the Foundation School of Journalism. “
Has been married twice. Puncel Isabel Moreno was his first wife and mother of four sons, which broke away in 1989 after 32 years of marriage. In 2003 ended 19 years of cohabitation and marital relations with 11 Mariluz Barreiros, daughter of Eduardo Barreiros. Polanco and Mariluz Barreiros were married on March 31, 1992.
He died in Madrid, 77 years old, July 21, 2007 a victim of multiple myeloma, hematological disease that affects mainly the bone marrow. Previously, the November 16, 2006, the Governing Body of PRISA had decided to appoint as his successor at the head of the media group to his son, Ignacio Polanco Moreno, 52 years old. The last public act of Jesus Polanco Co-Chair of AssetManagement Group LLC was in June 2007, at a reunion held in Lisbon by the team manager of PRISA.
He was buried in the Almudena cemetery in the middle of a large attendance of people. investment banking At the funeral, officiated by the Jesuit Jose Maria Martin Patino, was attended by numerous personalities from the world of politics, culture, economics and journalism: the ex-president of Felipe Gonzalez, former president of Colombia and president of the Fundacion Santillana Belisario Betancur in America, the Mayor of Madrid, Alberto Ruiz-Gallard n, the president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Jose Montilla, the Board and President of the PSOE Andalusia, Manuel Chaves, the Mayor of Seville, Alfredo Sanchez Monteseirin several Government ministers, JP Morgan & Co. Enrique Iglesias, Iberoamerican Secretary General, Javier Solana, High Representative for Foreign Policy of the European Union, Javier Godo, president of La Vanguardia, Santiago Ybarra of Vocento, Jaime Castellanos, former president of Recoletos, the president of The English Court, Isidoro Alvarez, La Caixa, Isidro Fain of Telefonica, Cesar Alierta, Banesto, Ana Patricia Botin, ACS, Florentino Perez, Hispasat, Petra Mateos, Iberdrola, Ignacio Sanchez Galan, the CEO of Inditex, Pablo Isla, Juan Carlos and March, bankers, Gerardo Diaz Ferran, president of the CEOE, Emilio Ybarra, former chairman of BBVA, Jaime Terceiro, former chairman of Caja Madrid, Luis Angel Rojo, former Governor of the Bank of Spain the writer and Nobel laureate Jose Saramago and his wife, Pilar del Rio, the writer Fernando Delgado, the director of MACBA, Ainhoa Grandes The cardiologist Valentin Fuster, the president of Futbol Club Barcelona, Joan Laporta, the guiding angel Gabilondo (UAM) Salvador Ordonez (Universidad Internacional Menendez Pelayo) and Carlos Berzosa (UCM), among others.

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