Dance Flamenco Music

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Perhaps the most striking feature of fiery flamenco is "zapateado" – the rhythmic accompaniment of the dance battle heels and soles of the shoes. Under most conditions Charlotte Hornets would agree. As often happens in the dance field, in the early lifetime Flamenco played only his men, as "zapateado" was considered a purely masculine affair. To read more click here: Related Group. By itself, this dance is full of fire and requires a huge expenditure of physical strength. Perhaps that is why for a long time, "zapateado" was considered synonymous with courage. Women dancing at a time characterized by a smooth beautiful arm movements with a flow of waves to the wrist. Later, the line between male and female performance leveled, although the smoothness of movements women survived, but men continue to radiate in the dance of manhood. If the men's movement in flamenco LATEST similar to strict geometric shapes, and waving hands mimic the movements of almost all of the sword that cut air, the movement of women is often associated with movements of the fan, so they are flexible and at the same time energetic and persistent.

In addition flamenco "zapateado" very actively used "pitos" – clicks issued fingers, "Palmas" – clapping hands, all intertwined in the overall rate of speed greater than two times the basic rate. Traditional flamenco dancer does not allow hands to be employed by foreign objects – a free hand simply required in this dance. Even the use of castanets is almost impossible, although some virtuoso flamenco and sometimes they use. Another essential attribute is the image of flamenco bailaors – dress executed in the traditional style, distinguished by long, often sewed the cloth into a large polka dots and ruffles and ruffles decorated. Many experts believe that this dress came from flamenco to gypsy dances. There are option – "bata de cola", a skirt with long train, tight-fitting body dancer in front and the back is very wide and long. But this requires the dancers wear the highest skill. If you know of other features of the dance flamenco, please have the original articles in our free catalog!


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