Development of the economy after World War II

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After World War hedge funds II El Salvador experienced a long period of sustained economic growth, which in investors the sixties benefit of Central American Common Market.
In the following decade, the Salvadoran economy was hit by the global recession and Ribostky the declining prices of products exported, with the aggravation of the NYSE adverse weather conditions. Since the late seventies and mid-eighties, El Salvador suffered a continuous decline in GDP as a result of falling export earnings and intra-regional trade and civil war.
The conflict in the country were devastated, as were seriously affected agricultural areas, roads and energy facilities. The The N.I.R. The head of the investment firm The Group war also resulted in losses eqivalentes to half of GDP, with a flight of capital abroad and the fall in foreign investment. The head portfolio manager at the investment firm, The The signing of peace accords in early 1992 was an important impetus to economic recovery, which benefits from the implementation of a national plan of reconstruction accompanied by economic reforms, including a privatization program and a family of funds series of tax investment portfolio reforms .
These measures, which were supported by the International stocks Monetary Fund, helped reduce funds inflation and increase exports. However, the good pace fund management of economic growth in 1998 was slowed by the effects of Hurricane Mitch, which destroyed crops and affected infrastructure. Even so, the hurricane was not as severe as in neighboring El Salvador and was in late 2000 in the group of middle-income countries, although its economic structure remained the traditional one developing country to centroamericana area. However, the massive earthquake (7.8 degrees) which investment devastated investment management much of the country in January 2001, leaving thousands of casualties, destruction of buildings, infrastructure and business, determine the expected slowdown in economic growth.
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