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Singing telegrams & drag show by Kiki from Berlin one of the most beautiful and traditional street festivals there in Berlin in the Schoneberger Kiez. This year it is no different, but rather back the other way. The Lesbian and Gay City Festival on 18th & 19th June 2011 will take place for the 19th time. Over 200 sales and information booths all around the scene again in 2011 all things offer, visitors also need to or not. Will be sufficiently provided for sufficient for the palate in liquid and solid form. The Berlin art figure Callanta will provide among other things for the eyes and the ears. The idea of the Street Festival was formed in 1993 and advertises to this day for tolerance and equality.

There are numerous stages with different entertainment programs. For years, Thomas from the Prideradio with much commitment to the stage programme of stage on fuggerstrasse cares. The artists who appear free of charge on its stage, include the Berlin Cessler twins for years. However, the two do not occur. Unfortunately is Sable, the older of the two, according to the management since summer 2010 with her new partner in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Thus we must still waiting for a joint appearance.

The younger of the two Cesslers has gladly accepted the renewed request by Thomas and feels very comfortable there. Kiki finds class there new songs to try and test the reactions of the audience. 2010, she was so successful, that Red Roses on the stage fell at the final. Songs of power this year excerpts from her new show “present and with their guests and friends celebrate. Callanta is a well-known Berlin singer and television presenter. She has a vocal and dance training, and lives as an actress in the wonderful world of the travesty. Their favorite songs that they always live presents include hits and evergreens. Callanta is booked for many events and refined with its unusual and eye-catching art events and appearances. The brunette entertainer stands for quality Entertainment with classic Berliner Schnauze. Woman Cessler offers a small but fine one-woman show in the form of their mini travesty show, searches for their peers. Their singing telegrams are a special offer of the artist. “Kiki has this great party gag from the American actress Bette Midler from the film girlfriends” looked down and is thus quite successful. stage is reserved to 19 from 18:15 to about 40 hrs for Callanta on Sunday. (Subject to change) The stage is located in fuggerstrasse between Kalckreuthstrasse and corner of Martin-Luther-Strasse. Just a look. Kiki will be pleased to welcome some new friends.

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