Experimental Biophysics

by yudaica2013 ·

Today, the growing interest of scientists to drugs, has long been available in nature. Scientists at the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics conducted pilot studies of the drug on the larvae of wax moth. Wax moth parasitic bee family, lives in a hive and eats parchment and wax. It is unique in that produces an enzyme tserazu allowing it to digest wax, very inert substance. (Source: Ben Bretzman). Wax moth, or rather its larva served as raw material for the drug stimulates the immune system, against cardiovascular diseases and tuberculosis. Research medicinal properties of the wax moth began to engage more in the 19 Century ii Metchnikoff. Modern Scientists continue to develop and set up a special technology for artificial cultivation of wax moth larvae. Study of alcoholic extract of larvae of wax moth, it was found that this means boosts the immune system and physical activity, regulates energy metabolism, has high antioxidant activity. And besides extract helps treat lung diseases and cardiovascular system.


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