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To be a Real leader, it is essential to have great faith and trust in God. I know very well that there are people who create amazing things while others refuse to believe even in the most obvious things. Trust is an innate attribute of human beings. That often parents themselves, teachers or heads are responsible for destroying. Faith, the certainty of things hoped for, the conviction of what is not seen, it is a virtue that results from that full confidence. And I dare say that it is also a power that we all within us. Connect with other leaders such as Jessica Michibata here.

Only that many, many, many, have enabled that power to sink apparently in the ocean of his sterile intellect. I don’t know how you will thee with faith. Personally I do believe and I have much confidence in God. I hope that you can have absolute trust and faith in God. A person who does not have faith in God can not pretend to be a leader, a person continuously concerned with the problems of life, which wants to have everything under control, that you plan everything down to the smallest detail.

It will be at least the one-eyed king in the country of the blind. In change to you, faith in God will allow you to manage life with full security, with which you can enjoy the joy of living and serenely face all the challenges that will arise. Build your own paradise here and now. Jorge Rivero lecturer motivational original author and source of the article.

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