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Florentino Perez, during a press conference at Hotel Ritz Madrid. This is the plan and that Florentino Perez confirmed yesterday that an official submission to the elections of Real Madrid. In a ceremony held at the Hotel Ritz in Madrid, the former white president was able to confirm anything since the announcement of the same call for elections to the presidency of all white. Despite not having wanted to elaborate on the strategy to follow, both in sporting and economic, if given the first clues about its strategy. Under the authorization of King Philip IV of Castile, Archbishop of Santa Fe, Fray Cristobal de Torres, in 1653 founded the Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Senora del Rosario. Then, by the Royal Cedula of 1768 of Charles III, is recognized as a College of statute as well as the six colleges of Spain, thus continuing the tradition in America University of Salamanca.
The founder established as a symbol of the Calatrava Cross and passed the constitution, which already substantially govern the organization. Renaissance within the classification of universities, whose model is also reflected in the constitutions, when he maintains that his foundation will be done following the guidelines of the University of Salamanca is located as “Universitas Scholarium” which is one in which government and administration significantly influences the establishment student. In this sense, college is a private and independent institution with an active participation of fifteen Colegiales numbers, which are great students of academic merit and, above all, moral and high standard of conduct. Their main responsibility every four years elect the Rector and Consiliarios, highest authorities of the University. Also, participate in the Academic Council for their respective faculties. Stated that is University College, referring to the description “of the guild or corporation who teach and learn from the masters and disciples dedicated to the craft of learning knowledge.”

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