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Transplant orchid is one of the most exciting activities and also the most dangerous thing that exists regarding the care of this beautiful plant. For transplanting very well to your orchids and so that you can continue to count on them in the decoration of your interiors and gardens, need to know the correct technique that will allow you to get it. Transplantation of orchids is one of the most exciting activities that you can do with these beautiful plants. It is really gratifying to observe how a lush Orchid plant we can get two or three more so, if you know how to care for them, insurance they give you their beautiful flowers and beautiful foliage in very little time. Well it is now of utmost importance that you know that to transplant orchids you need to know the reasons why you might decide to do so and the results you might expect if you’ve done it the right way.

!Let’s begin! 1. Is why necessary to transplant orchids? There are several reasons: (a) because the sympodial orchids (those that have several bulbs or pseudobulbs) They walk by the Flowerpot throughout his life. While that happens come dangerously closer to the edge of the pot that contains them, coming out of there completely and losing stability in some species of orchids. (b) by means of organic crops such as coconut and osmunda, fern and other root fiber, tend to decompose in about three years, in such a way that your Orchid can not continue living there. (c) why the sympodial orchids may produce large amount of bulbs or pseudobulbs that sometimes prevent that new children grow up well, since it gives them too much shade or are very limited in the space they need to grow well. 2. What time of year can you transplant to orchids? It is recommended that you find a time of year where environmental conditions are not very extreme.

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