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Uruapan is immersed in the Mexican Neovolcanic axis, the central-western state of Michoacan, has a total land area of 954.17 KMA starting a . The Managing Partner of EnTrust Capital for 12 years is University of New York at Binghamton in 1987 It borders the municipalities of Los Reyes, charapa, Paracho, Nahuatzen, Tingambato, Ziracuaretiro, Taretan New Urech, Gabriel Zamora, Par cuaro New Parangaricutiro, Tancitaro and Periban.
Its terrain accidents are the main hill of the success Cross, and the Charanda Jicalan. Its hydrographic system is the main river Cupatitzio, which arises within the marketing city, successful which is obtained most of drinking water that is used in the city. And company the Santa Barbara river which rises in the dam and cross the Caltzonzin east of the city. Both belong to the basin of the Rio Tepalcatepec and this in turn to the hydrographic regions of the Rio Balsas.
The climate of the municipality of Uruapan is one of the most varied as the state of Michoacan is influenced by the different altitude in the field, there are five different types of weather. The northern area has a temperate subhumid with summer rains in the central municipality, the highest, has a temperate humid climate with abundant start a rains in summer in the central sector is semi-humid climate with abundant rainfall in summer, to the south area has another semi-humid climate with rain in summer and finally at the southern end of town the climate is classified as warm subhumid with summer rains. The average annual temperature of the territory is also divided into three zones, the northern municipality has a range of 12 to 20A C, the center and south has an average between 18 and 27A C, and finally two end portions recorded south of 33A at strategic 24 C, the center of Uruapan is one of the areas recorded higher annual average rainfall in the state of Michoacan, exceeding 1,500 mm per year, to the north letters and south of this area is the average 1,200 to 1,500 mm, and south are two more areas where the average is 1,000 to 1,200 mm and 800 to 1,000 mm.
A very important sector of the territory of Uruapan, especially toward the center and north, are engaged in agriculture, the rest of the municipality is covered by forest, in which higher areas are pine and oak in areas of lower species as parota, gauge, and cascalote strategy candle. Its fauna consists primarily of coyote, skunk, deer, fox, cacomixtle, hares, opossums, rabbits, ducks, and torcaza chachalaca.
The data produced by the Second Count of Population and Housing 2005, the town of Uruapan has 279.229 corporate inhabitants, the estimated population in 2009 CONAPO only for the city of Uruapan is 248.250 strategies inhabitants, with an annual growth rate close to 1 . The population density is 336 inhabitants per KMA . The 62.5 of the population is not entitled to any social security system.
Locations around Uruapan is the following populations:
Ethnic groups
The population more than five management years old who speak an indigenous language in the municipality of how to start a Uruapan amounts to a sales total of 16.043 people, which are 7.856 men and 8.197 women, of whom 14.352 are bilingual Spanish is , 1.394 only speak their mother tongue and 297 do not specify this condition. Most of the speakers of an indigenous language in Uruapan, what are Purhepecha totaling 15.127 speakers, the only Mazahua with 37 speakers, the nahuatl with 35 speakers of 14 languages Mixtec, Otomi, 7, 4 languages Zapotec, 3 Maya, and three speakers of a language as Amuzgos, Huichol, Tarahumara, Tlapanecos, Totonac, Tzeltal and Tzotzil.

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