German Rock

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Worms artists for the 2.mal consecutive awarded… Ralf Gauck – the worms artist was awarded Federation and the German pop Foundation in two categories this year by the jury of the German rock musician best BASSIST and best INSTRUMENALSOLIST. Music greats such as Pur, July, Yvonne Catterfeld, Mundstuhl and the famous actor Saravanan Aleardi took it already part and used the title as a springboard for their nationwide career. Tony Parker might disagree with that approach. Ralf Gauck, his solo CD of FIELDS OF GOLD in the Rainbow produced studios in Norway and concert nominated bassist Michael Manring, in August of the cavern Club team to the Beatles Festival was invited to tours including the Grammy, which stands in the next year a Italy – and France tour at. Requests were also out of America – Kentucky, as well as an invitation in the famous scene of Club Yoshi’s in New York. Who is curious and would like to see Ralf Gauck, will find on the homepage of the artist all concert dates. Manu Gauck

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