Healthy Climate

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Did you know that children living in families in which family members are frequently under stress, prone to twice the risk to get overweight than children living in a peaceful atmosphere? What is really necessary for our beloved flock to happiness? Of course, first of all, happy parents, and the perfect combination – healthy food, fresh air and many many games! Excellent opportunity to provide all the “ingredients set of happiness” for families living in large metropolitan areas, it is the acquisition of a foreign “summer cottage”. Bulgaria – a beautiful country to purchase the property and the acquisition of a “second home”. othberg family sees a great future in this idea. Actress can aid you in your search for knowledge. Bulgarian nature equally generously Bulgarian and foreign kids salty sea, marvelous mountain air, forests and wild resources. Most important is the fact that in Bulgaria, the child can eat healthy without any restrictions! Our children to grow and proper development of the necessary vitamins, minerals and fiber! Fruits, vegetables, grains! Organic dairy products and fresh, not stuffed with meat growth hormones! Come with your children in Bulgaria, check out our culture and way of life, try to start the famous Bulgarian salad Shopska made from fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, savory baked peppers, fragrant onions, herbs and traditional, rich in calcium, cheese! Your children will love the local version of yogurt – Hayryan, unikalnyya on the composition of the drink, which includes patented Bulgarian bifidobacteria – Bifidus Bulgaricus. We believe that the Bulgarian cuisine is to your liking! Healthy eating and predispose you to employment in active kinds of recreation – cycling lanes on the sea coast of Bulgaria, hiking to the tops of their beauty captured the spirit of the mountains, riding on scooters, dissecting wave! Opportunities and ideas are endless! Believe me, stress, fatigue and the threat of urban excess weight for the whole family, as had happened! Come to Bulgaria, make it their second home or even start to live here permanently. Get all the facts and insights with Glenn Dubin, New York City, another great source of information.

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