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It may sound ideal to tour the country with a busload of other kids his age for a couple of weeks. while you get to taste the cuisine of many different McDonald’s locations across the country, this will not help you get to college. In a journey through adolescence, students can not get to know a place, and it is likely that they will be with students like themselves and therefore do not have the opportunity to stretch. Tours teenagers are so organized and scheduled it is almost impossible for any student who has an impact on their community. Students must ensure that everything they do during the summer, that somehow have an impact, whether in an organization, favorite cause, or a local community or abroad. TRIPS # 3: “immersion.” Any call cultural immersion trip that lasts three weeks or less, in particular those of the Putney or ASA brand, is not a wise use of summer time.

These trips break the summer of a student and take the place of a background program, it’s the holidays rather than commitments and are not something to add to assume a college paper. Once Moreover, students must choose one out of the program that lasts at least six weeks to have the opportunity to grow and make an impact. # 4: SUMMER SAT Prep. If you are a minor increase, the summer is not the best time to start preparing for standardized tests. Of course, working in the vocabulary of a few hours a week can not hurt, but devoting chunks of your day to SAT tutoring or a class can only take the place of an activity that can put in your brag sheet. It is also likely to forget much of what they learn during the summer, are absorbed much more during the year, while in “school mode.” On a final note, when you are putting aside their personal time, make sure he makes time for fun! In high school progresses, the courses inevitably more difficult and increases their workload is important to use your summer break to relax and reflect. While there are always weekends during the school year, there’s nothing like a sun on Wednesday beach, so please most of your freedom while you can! Have a great summer and we’re eager to hear their stories.


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