La Galatea

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There Pandora opened the box and spread the evils by the world, less the hope. Avenging this Prometheus sacrificed two bulls, one was empty even though it was equal to the other. It shows Jupiter and choose which was just skin and bones. To be mocked led Prometheus to the top of the Caucasus, looking at the sky, and a huge Vulture devoured him the bowels, entrails that is renewed permanently. That ordeal lasted for 30 years, until Hercules took pity on him, killed the vulture and freed him. This is to remind that the legend is the response of the human being to transcendent questions. That is changing as the man unfolds in the story, but always reflect the idiosyncrasies of the people that created it.

Not always obey reason, also deals with faith and credulity of man in the context in which live you. Different literary forms are linking, some are forerunners of others. The epic, already treated, was history of the novel, for example. Most scholars agree with the middle ages gives home to literary traits. Are born the ways of the novel.

CHIVALRY novel with a character who is faced with fantasy, wizards, huge battles, in constant adventure.The pastoral that idealized nature, La Galatea of Miguel de Cervantes and Lope de Vega.(16Th century). The PICARESQUE with criticism of the society. The rogue, looked at from the modern sociology, is a victim of a situation not acceptable today. Within the time I wanted to bear witness to the important steps that gave literature which led us, subsequently, to the poetic structure with metrics and different ways, but a way to leave constancy of society and man vs. She postures that remained. Original author and source of the article.

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