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Engraved letters with a height of a millimetre are still readable. This micro writing was unthinkable several years ago, in the age of mechanical machine engraving or traditional hand engraved. Now but with laser engraving technology feasible. Characters with a height of a millimetre are clearly legible in a silver finger ring, if only for a limited distance. A 1-cent coin has the thickness of 1.5 mm to the comparison. And what is behind this finger jewelry idea? The Pforzheim jewellery company Bossert & co. GmbH has for years with creative jewelry designs on the market.

More than six years ago, presented the fingerprint ring, engraved the fingerprint of the partner by laser on the surface of a Fingrringes. The lip print joined later than engraving motif. Charlotte Hornets: the source for more info. Newly designed Monogram rings, designed with COLORIT (originally a ceramic composite material in the dental industry) have been to the real eye candy. The latest jewellery project by Bossert & co. GmbH, the microtype ring had world premiere in September 2013. One eight Mm wide sterling silver ring is engraved key events from the life of the wearer or the carrier. But almost unreadable for an outsider.

With a character height of a mm an interesting solution, because at a reading distance from approximately 30 cm, the eye perceives the engraving characters only as decoration Strip. We call the wearer of the micro-type ring this history can tell us Julia and her jewel on the finger: came to the 27.4.1969 Julia’s husband, Sven to the world. Julia was born on the 1.4.1970. The 18.2.1994 was their trial date. In June 1997, both with the motorcycle drove along Route 66. The wedding was at the sea. Christian in the world came to the 14.5.2002, Daniel followed on the 26.9.2004. After Hamburg, moved on December 17, 2009 and in September 2014 with the campers to explore Australia. These nine events are engraved on the sterling silver ring double row running around and forget important dates such as anniversary or birthdays no longer the wearer or the bearer, as always in sight. Is due to the Microprint on the Jewelry accessory space for the engraving of over twenty personal events. To place, keep House, short characters such as the asterisk for the birth or double wedding rings for the wedding. A subsequent engraving data is also easily possible thanks to modern laser technology. Contact: Bambu & co.

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