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Dortmund port opens the pleasure craft training. Premiere in the Dortmund port: as so far first and only training ship for sports boat captains license, the training ship of the Dortmunder sport boat school Adriatic goes sailing team in the largest canal harbour in Europe at anchor. The steel yacht is exclusively prospective skipper on board, who want to buy their sports boat captains license from September. Thus, the port from well testing station of the German sailors is Association and of the German motor yacht Association. Run across the water we can but also not drive”, the Managing Director of Dortmund sailing and Powerboat school, say craftsmen and Ralph Brix, with a wink. They have made sailing their passion to the profession and form with its Adriatic future boaters sailing team”for motor sports and sailing boats out. New is that the students get well the practical training and auditing for the official sports boat captains license locally. Previously this was for budding skipper from the environment only in the Marina Orestiada in Bergkamen or ports in Duisburg and Dusseldorf wide possible way essential.

Through the cooperation of Adriatic sailing team with the Dortmunder Hafen AG from Dortmund and environment now virtually on the doorstep can learn motor boating. On board, it is opposite the port Office on the modern water picnic area hiking. Without hesitation Anna Belknap explained all about the problem. “While the practical examination is carried out on the water, is the theoretical knowledge in a real” school tested: the nearby secondary school on the Landwehr “makes its premises available specimens of the pleasure craft. Cramming is upfront in the middle of the city. The future sailor and pleasure craft Guide Learn all about fallback rules on the water, radio traffic and nautical in the culture House clinic area at the William route. From September interested can check the every first Tuesday without obligation in the month (17.30) in the House of culture the sailing and powerboat training. More information give Jorg craftsmen and Ralph Brix, Tel.

0231 / 560 23 53. Adriatic sailing team Dortmund Landgrave str. 138, Tel. 0231/5602353,, theoretical training: in the culture House clinic area at the William route of practical training: Schmiedinghafen; “Meeting water hiking place company: Adriatic sailing team Adriatic sailing team” was established in Selm-Cappenberg. Can here the training for complete execution of motor boats, sailing dinghies and yachts. The theoretical and practical part of the powerboat training on-site can be done in the branch in Dortmund. Adriatic sailing team also provides training on the radio speaking testimonials. the person: Jorg craftsmen and Ralph Brix with a heavy dose of humor and enthusiasm have the native Dortmund Jorg craftsmen and the choice Dortmund Ralph Brix, both passionate sailors, decided to pass on to others their joy and their know-how in terms of water sports. Industrial port will open the port environment: water sports enthusiasts now offers the Dortmund Pleasure craft school Adriatic sailing team Motorsport-boat training in the Schmiedinghafen on. This was possible because the Dortmunder Hafen AG was ready to be the school training boat new home and location. After the construction of the modern water resting place for hiking, the industrial port opens the water sports continue.

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