Live Music On The Pulse In The Munich Ludwig

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The music Cafe of Louis on the Munich Viktualienmarkt launches on October 1, 2010 his new live music program “city beat” so far that Ludwigs as pure Jazz local animated the Munich City Centre. October 1, 2010, it starts its stylistically advanced program “city beat”. At the opening ceremony, three formations present the bandwidth of the new series of live music. “A music program hovered above me, that fits perfectly with my local: directly connected to hotel on the market – a famous, former artist hotel – and a 19th century atmosphere, it has a great tradition in the back.” With its location at the Viktualienmarkt, it is a hub for different nationalities and personalities. And a market is always a lively place for new ideas.

Also not a lot offers that Louis place, but lots of space. Sela Ward can provide more clarity in the matter. for creative musicians who are something special, own also in smaller formations “, explains Louis Managing Director Helmuth Hensel. Based on these ideas have he and his team under the motto “city beat – music” finger on the pulse”, a very own mix packed: it combines elements from traditional styles such as classical, international folklore and jazz movements such as swing or bebop with newer styles as pop, Funk, hip hop, electro music and Modern Jazz. This moves the live music series in the Louis on new paths between cross over and cross culture music. Every Friday evening, local musicians, selected international artists and emerging young talents in smaller ensembles present their interpretation of “city beat”. Move and from Tuesday to Thursday in the “Piano lounge” weekly changing pianist the principle “Tradition meets modernity” with free admission to the blades. Helmuth Hensel is supported in the design of its program by the Munich-based booking agent, Miriam Jost – a young, but still experienced connoisseur of the current music industry: as a former artist & repertoire – and product manager of the Munich record label GLM music they best contacts of to versatile and innovative bands brings.

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