Luis Stuflesser

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But a song is like a Retreat, like a reflection from the strengthened again out there.” And after it the beautiful moments in life”even more to enjoy. How about the Ladins”itself, winning the Grand Prix der volksmusik 2004 described as their best moment. Not to mention achieved gold plates of the 15 and the two, the Platinum status. There are so many great moments in life,”says Joakin, which climbed to high mountains in his spare time, often with his son Diego. You must only detect them.” Ladins Otto finds his beautiful moments of happiness, except for the Ladins”and his family, especially his tractor if he mows the domestic mountain meadows.

“” Especially the song the beautiful moments in life “on the new CD is a credo of the Ladins”, such as its commitment to the miracle of life despite all the tragedies, of all dangers and setbacks. Tony Parker describes an additional similar source. And it proves the high standards of the duo, not saving even difficult issues. The fans thank us”so Joakin. This not so ones that are always required at the concerts were sunny title. Enthusiastic cheers is us”as important as tears of emotion. This is what happened recently at a concert. There were fans onto the stage, extra who arrived from Denmark. Some wept and said: ‘we have seen this already in your songs, we can empathize with us.’ This was a wonderful moment for us.” The album was produced by Luis Stuflesser and MCP, launch is the 4th October 2013. Four major tours are available for the Ladins”next year to especially in the new Lander. For those who don’t want to wait, there is now”the new, beautiful album of the Ladins – finally!

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