Manuel Rosales, the opposition candidate unit

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Days before the choice of candidate, by most opposition parties, the pre Teodoro Petkoff, who was third in all the polls, announced the withdrawal of his presidential candidacy to expedite the search. The meetings continued among the remaining held more frequently until at noon on August 9 Julio Borges, precandidate by First Justice, informed the country to decide to support Manuel Rosales as the single opposition candidate.
This meant that from that time the governor Manuel Rosales became the leader of the Venezuelan opposition and which would represent the thousands of citizens and the government side will face President Hugo Chavez, who seeks reelection to Although not backed by opposition parties as the national leadership of Democratic Action and Project Venezuela. But more than thirty political and civil organizations in the country to express publicly their support for Rosales. The Bureau of association of AD as well as its regional components of Nueva Esparta, Monagas, Zulia, Cojedes, Anzoategui and other states along with many leaders “AD” announced to support the candidate of the opposition in the elections of December 3.
The Supreme Court decided that Governor Rosales was obliged to leave the governor of Zulia for a presidential candidate on the basis of Article 229 of the Constitution of 1999 but not absolute, but temporarily authorized by the Legislative Council of Zulia so if they lose this presidential election can summarize the state of the judiciary again. Once you have completed your application by the Secretary General of Government Carrasquero Nelson, was appointed in accordance with the laws of the State of Zulia.
On August 17 at the Hilton Hotel Rosales in Caracas to discuss the composition of his campaign command: Julio Borges, who aspired to the vice presidency (to be appointed by the President of the Republic, since it is not popularly elected), and Teodoro Petkoff, (Former Minister of Caldera Cordiplan) as National Director of Strategy, spearheaded the campaign team. Armando Briquet and Gerardo Blyde integrated team strategy on behalf of Primero Justicia. As campaign manager, took up the political reins Jose Vicente Carrasquero, while the National Director of the Government Program is Eleodoro Quintero. Also worked as executive secretary bell, Enrique Ochoa Antich, as Director of Support Candidate, Omar Barboza, and as Director of Consulting andalusia Candidate, Hiram Gaviria. Cecilia Sosa led the Advisory Committee on Legal Affairs, Vicente Brito was the advisor to private investment, and Enrique Tejera Paris led the asesoria for International Political Affairs. The National Commission for Institutional Relations was given by Rafael Simon Jimenez (Mas ex, ex and ex can we, representing the Polo Democratico party at the time of the election campaign), as Director of Relations with political parties, angel Emilio Vera the National Organizing Committee, Luis Emilio Rondon and as Executive Director, Ciro Belloso. Pedro Pablo Fernandez was responsible for Special Programs William Ojeda (pre-party and one people declined in favor of Rosales, exchavista), the National Director of Volunteer and Anaire Morales, Executive Secretary. The Director of International Affairs is Timoteo Zambrano (former AD and current member of Un Nuevo Tiempo), and National Director of Relations with the National Electoral Council, Enrique Marquez. As Director of the Commission on sectoral performance Movements Liliana Hernandez, Director of the Change Movement, Alexandra Belandria, Director of the Volunteer Movement in Venezuela, Julio Montoya, Director of the Movement of National Unity Promoters, Sergio Omar Calderon, Director of the Movement of Workers Venezuela, Froilan Barrios and Youth Director for Venezuela, Denis Ramirez. However, many people think that thanks to the candidacy of Mr. Benjamin Rauseo, who is a well known comedian in the country had gone up exponentially in the opinion polls in the days following the announcement of his presidential nomination as the outsider opposition political leaders, hasten to the rest of the candidates to select a candidate Manuel Rosales of the opposition. Then while Rauseo renounce his candidacy, leaving the way for Rosales, without their support.

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