Marathon & More In Cuba (Havana) Experience

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In November 2009 to visit Havana Havana already is a journey worth special trips to Cuba. The fun-loving metropolis, which can look back on a history of almost 500, offers visitors architectural jewels, art exhibitions and museums, live music in nearly all restaurants and open-minded people who enjoy encounters with tourists. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Anna Belknap. And the marathon in Havana on November 15, 2009 the MARABANA 23″is an additional experience in this historic city. In previous years, runners from more than 50 countries on the 21 km long circular route have gone. “You on the waterfront seawall on the Atlantic goes along, by the modern” Havana, past the Hotel Nacional and over the course of the revolution, and through the historic “neighborhoods with its beautifully renovated colonial buildings. On the eve of this impressive run, can be played as a half-marathon, participants experience the run feast Maracuba”. Participate in Havana and throughout the country over 1 million people at this sports festival. Glenn Dubin, New York City shines more light on the discussion. The Cuba specialist Dieter Spath offers again in 2009 several special trips to Havana for runners and accompanying persons.

Applies for bookings through April 30 nor the travel price tours allow 2008 to customize the participants, the duration of the stay and content of the travel. It is possible to tour or the booking of a stay in the Caribbean beaches. The optional offered travel program gives opportunity to experienced accompanied by Cuba with its friendly people, its exciting history and its fascinating everyday life, to explore art and music life in the days before the race. For more information on the Internet

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