Mutual fund

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Jamie Tisch A common investment fund (CRF) or mutual fund is an alternative investment that is asset Management to collect funds from various investors, natural or legal, to invest in various financial instruments, responsibility is delegated to a manager who may be a bank or financial institution.
The FCI or mutual funds are a diversified alternative investment, and investing in many instruments, reducing the risk.
An investment fund is a heritage for the contributions of various people involved in the so-called fund, managed by a management company responsible for its management and administration, and a body that guards Depository and effective titles and functions of monitoring and guarantee before investment.
By investing in a fund you get a number of shares, which have a daily price and net asset value, obtained by the division between the heritage value and number of shares outstanding.
The yield of the fund is paid at the time of sale of the shares, which may take place at the time they want.

The Ernst Tennessean
WASHINGTON Some angry investors and average Americans and huge pension funds are not taking their huge losses calm. Hold a portfolio which imploded in a barrage of financial time bombs, they are turning to the courts for compensation.
Washington Post
The loss of 20 in almost every other year would hardly be cause for celebration. But the loss of 20 in 2008 landed Royce Ernst Special Equity (symbol RYSEX) near the top of the fund performance charts. Jamie Tisch He hit more than 99 of all diversified domestic stock funds last year.
Lexington Herald-Leader
BOSTON Fiscal fitness is correct weight the top of many New Year’s resolution lists, thanks to 2008’s market drubbing. That often means casting off worst-performing mutual funds last year for more promising alternatives. Although a recovery can be a ways off, there is plenty of opportunity now. Many funds with solid long-term records closed to new investors a few years ago, but …
FE via Yahoo! India News
The ongoing saga Satyam and questions about the quality of corporate governance in Indian companies have raised concerns among the players in the market, which is reflected in very small quantities in the cash segment of the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange.

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