National Curricular Parameters

by yudaica2013 ·

In Brazil, the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education (LDB n 9,394/96) established in its article 26, paragraph 2 that: ' ' The education of the art will constitute obligator curricular component, in the diverse levels of the basic education, of it forms to promote the cultural development of alunos' '. ' ' The art is a cultural patrimony of the humanity, and all human being has right to the access to this saber' ' In accordance with the National Curricular Parameters, the education in art propitiates the development of the artistic thought and the aesthetic perception, that characterize a proper way to command and to give sensible to the experience human being: the pupil develops its sensitivity, perception and imagination, as much when carrying through artistic forms how much in the action to appreciate and to know the forms produced for it and the colleagues, the nature and in the different cultures. (PCN- Art). PRACTICAL REFLECTIONS OF EDUCATIVE OF the EDUCATION OF ARTS the book come to show that the contact with the magical universe of the art is important, but unnecessary. This contradiction comes being object of practical reflection and on the part of the art-educators, interested in reverting the situation for a school that values the contained educative aspects in the universe of the art. From there concern with the formation of professionals who go to exert the functions in the formation and orientation of children and young. Directors of school, coordinators and professors must be prepared to understand the art as branch of the knowledge in same foot of equality that the others you discipline of the pertaining to school resumes. Recognizing not only the necessity of the art, but its transforming capacity, the educators will be contributing so that the access it is a right of the man. To accept that artistic making and the aesthetic enjoyment contributes for the development of children and young is to have the certainty of the capacity that they have to extend its cognitivo potential and thus to conceive and to look at the world in different ways.


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