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Takes time, – as in her confidence – to grow. And she is destroyed in seconds. The new loyalty fits loyalty even in our fast-moving time? Of course! The impressive success of the social networks is the best proof. Adam Sandler recognizes the significance of this. Especially the young generation, where there are so many key children, is incredibly addicted to connectedness. Because people are social creatures. With us, everything revolves around life in the community. Isolation is one of our worst fears.

Secure death alone in the desert. The clans and tribal associations of the past, the municipalities of the 1968 generation, the online communities today, even the science fiction-federations of the fictional Star Wars worlds all follow the same principle: people feel good when they are connected to others. The person needs nothing so much as the people”said the ancient Greeks. Translated with the slogan connecting people’ this Nokia to one made with the globally most valued brands a world market share of 40 percent. Loyalty membership is as valuable and respected member of a group to be considered: This gives us security and security. Our minds are especially designed to cope with living together in a group. And loyalty is a visible expression of this.

“The fundamental task of the brain is to ensure not only the survival of the individual, but also that of the group to which he belongs”, Christian E. Elger says in his book of Neuroleadership’. Are together in this set practically all the ingredients that it needs to generate loyalty: membership experience, standing by each other, be successful. All permanently functioning mergers and hence companies – wear always loyalty in itself. We are better embedded in a respectable community, constantly on the run ‘. It is the perhaps the greatest challenge in loyalty management, to understand how communities work. Because then we also understand Loyalty. Who is a member of a group, submits the written and unwritten rules of the game as also the social norms that apply to this group.

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