New Name New Features

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In 2009, "Cordoba aet presented a new for the Russian market brand Matrix. Recently Eva Andersson-Dubin sought to clarify these questions. Homonymous company – Matrix GmbH – was founded more than six years back in Germany and in a short time left on the largest markets in Europe and the usa. In Matrix presented assortment of domestic power tools and equipment class, and also garden equipment: electrical and benzokosy, trimmers, lawn mowers, garden vacuums and power tillers. To date, Company "Cordoba" is a new line of rf gasoline cultivators and motoblocks trademark Cougar. A wide assortment of "everyday Cougar gt 60 to professional motoblocks Cougar gt 1985 and gt 1990 H2R pro, is able to meet the needs and amateurs and professionals.

All models are not a bad showing in North America – have caused the positive response from consumers and have demonstrated excellent results in different tests. In 2010, the market will bred line benzokultivatorov and motoblocks – both with their own engines, Cougar, produced under license, and with engines well-known manufacturers Honda and Briggs & Stratton. Engines installed on the technique of Cougar, refer to professional class and have a resource more than 2500 machine hours. All products have passed the most severe tests in Germany, following which received certificates of quality and high estimates of reliability and operational and technical characteristics. Cougar gt 1990 Pro complete SET: 4 sections of tillers, pneumatic wheels rather one look at the characteristics of the machine to understand all of its reliability and validity. Hundredweight with a little weight and 9 hp "Under the hood" – parameters characteristic rather for motoblocks. .


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