Nicolai Church

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Because also with monument protection because many roads with paving stones and not with an asphalt surface be replaced, there would be trouble again with local residents. The patch causes substantially fair traffic noise. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Tony Parker. Because the factories all over the city area were distributed, there are large factory buildings, crumbling now in every nook and cranny. The previous owners have lost any interest. There are many even not once more. Numerous city villas, which built the factory owners or directors close to the factory were the foreclosure. The city don’t have the money to renovate, not even sure quick to tear down these ruins. There where houses or factories were demolished however, there remain large gaps back.

Beautiful old trees and lush flowering, old Hawthorn trees sufficiently relieve torn cityscape. With justifiable pride, but also the building services of the municipality are shown. The new fire station, the seat of the District of spree-Neisse, the magnificent Gymnasium in the Bauhaus style, “great and riding Stadium, which redesigned pool, drive the renewed banks of Macon, which meanders through the town, the earlier power stations and water provided the draperies or the new wheel – hiking and cycling tourism to promote and last but not least the 72 m high imposing water tower, at whose feet a year a water tower Festival” attracts thousands of visitors from all over the region. It is strange that all public buildings not only in German but also in Sorbian are signposted. The Nicolai Church hidden in scaffolding and behind schedule, unbroken citizenship is visible Forsterinnen and Forster. Because the public money was missing, it donated 100,000 for restoration.

Where private capital is used, everything goes faster. Otherwise it’s coming though, but slowly.” Thoughtfulness is the long bridge”, the bridge is more. Formerly she led on the Neisse, in the hamlet of mountains. Today are only pillar with smaller Parts of the bridge on which grows grass and Steinkaut.

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