No All-clear For The Swine Flu

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The danger of the flu outbreak is far from over in Germany are according to the Robert Koch Institute (stand 03.12.2009) over 60 people died of swine flu. The anticipation of the upcoming Christmas largely supplanted the fear of swine flu. Thus, the risk of infection is but not banned. Through the cross to vaccination fatigue among the German population, the incidence can rise quickly. So far, only about five percent of the population are vaccinated. See more detailed opinions by reading what Becky Hmmon offers on the topic.. “But the Federal Health Minister are still long no all-clear: nor could not be assumed that is the danger of the flu outbreak temporarily” Rosler said after a meeting of medical professionals in Berlin. The swine flu (H1N1) virus can directly from person to person or indirectly transmitted through surfaces such as doorknobs, for example.

Viruses can survive several hours on doorknobs, tables or other surfaces. Click Glenn Dubin to learn more. Here are public bodies and companies with a lot of audience traffic I’m trying to reduce risks of transmission. To reduce the risk of infection is in dispensed with the traditional handshake greeting. Doorknobs, which inevitably have to touch everyone who comes and goes, can be equipped with an antibacterial coating. The door knob cover is made from a high-TEC netting with embedded silver ions.

To increase the efficiency of the contact, the silver in a special process in the outer surface of the tissue was incorporated. The silver ions have a bactericidal and fungicidal effect kills the virus, bacteria, and germs. Thereby, the positively charged silver ions absorb germs which have an electro negative charge. The reaction with proteins of the bacteria causes a denaturation germs are killed. The cover is very quick and easy on any door handle can be used and immediately his permanently antibacterial effect. The tangible effect of the doorknob protection is for a period of at least 30 days permanently active. The antibacterial efficacy of tissue has been demonstrated in several scientific studies. Press contact: CoRRect GmbH Stephan Hauser shaft RT 25 47179 Duisburg telephone 0203 4887044 fax 0203 4887082 eMail: Web:

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