Leonardo Pataca

In the workmanship of Almeida, also the hero, after castigadopelo father, finds shelter in the house of a barber. (MONTELLO 2004.p.352). Mario de Andrade (1976 p.312, 313) considers that ' ' the Memriasde a sergeant of military services is not a picaresco romance, but yes umdesses books that of time in when they appear, so to speak, to the edge daliteratura' '. Verssimo (1978: 297), in turn, analyze Memories deum sergeant of military services, approaching it of the Realism: The workmanship of Almeida is realistic because in the account enos real facts it says of things ' ' res' ' , true, with truths, it is naturalistic, because in the representation of these things cinge narrowly to natural, the semexageros ones or to deturpar, for process of style or singularity of conception, flattens reality of the things. The hero of the workmanship characterizes for its relevantestravessuras and diabruras, son of Leonardo Pataca, a Portuguese bailiff and velho' ' mal-apessoado e, over all he was magano' ' (ALMEIDA, 1997p. 14), would eMaria of the Hortalias, ' ' She was quitandeira of the squares of Lisbon, saloiarechonchuda and bonitona' ' (they idem, they ibidem, p.14). The parents of our hero were explicit irregular, immoral detemperamento and irrequieto, then, its offspring could not be different, oque trais obtains the idea of the Naturalismo: the man is fruit of the way. Soon parVerssimo: ' ' Almeida was yes, naturalistic realist or, even though muitoantes of the advent in the Europe of the literary doctrines that had received taldenominao' ' (VERSIMO, apud MONTELLO, 2004 p.350). Mario de Andrade not comunga of the same opinion, according to it: ' ' It swims exists, in this book, of Realismo and Naturalismo of school, such comoeles if they present in the century dezenove' ' (ANDRADE, 1978 p.322) Opinioseguida for Candido: ' ' ... Therefore Mario de Andrade was certain to aodizer in the Memories does not have realism in modern direction; what in it if it finds algo vaster and intemporal, proper of the comicidade popularesca' '.

The Words

Exactly through fast and necessary expressions, in accordance with Bakhtin, never we will obtain to express our experiences lived in totality. Gina Bonati helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. To summarize: to give sensible the lived one verbally is a possible process, however, always opened. The expressividade if of the one through dialogues, as a species of chat where important and critical questions are debated the determined classroom of people. In the case of Dilma, it takes ownership of plus one of many tools of that the contemporaneidade surrounds to it, and use to advantage the shock to divulge of multicriteria form its party, as plus one post of day 20 of April of 2010, where internauta displays in definitive reply to one: Expensive @eosjunior, the unemployment fell. In 1tri of 2010, we create 656 a thousand new jobs. Of jan/03 fev/10, already we create 12,4 million jobs. 8:29 AM Apr 20th saw web. (@dilmabr). At this moment, it has a dialgica presentation in propaganda form that supplies information of spreading of the sector politician to the society on how many jobs they had been created until the moment. A study with bigger deepening it has left in used relation to the referring one, that is, the method is responsive and the act of speaks has a specific objective, that it comes to be the forms of dialogues and persuasion. A citation example of Frege is had, where complete it the idea: ' ' If the words are used in current way, what it is intended to speak is of its referncia.' ' (Frege 1892. P. 64). The speech, in this meantime, if it bases on distinct factors: remittance of the dialogue, comprometimento with the same, and reply to the statement. The politics in itself, according to Marx and Engels, transmits certain antagonism of classrooms, the free man and the slave, patrician and plebeian, where they had been in contraposition ones to the involved others and in a fight that finishes with the revolution of the entire society with decline of classrooms in conflict.

Brazilian Literature

However Brazilian Geografia, differently of international Geography, continuanegligenciando the literary texts as information source, although space todariqueza represented by Brazilian Literature. Although literature still little to be used in anlisesdo geographic space this has been pointed for the CurricularesNacionais Parameters as possibility to interdisciplinar with Geography osPCN&#039 In accordance with; s is possible to learn Geography from the reading of authors consagradosde our literature. We really believe that this is possible, therefore Brazilian literary aproduo is rich in authors who portray in its obrasdiversas social and cultural landscapes, regions aspects of the sociedadebrasileira in different temporalities. Many are the literatos that can in them assist in the search peloentendimento of construction of the geographic space as esocial historical product, therefore to understand the space as it is today we must be atentosaos processes that had influenced and that of some form they continue influencing aindahoje the production of the space as totality. Authors as Jose de Alencar and the indianista romance, OGuarani, that is inserted in nasidias established the philosophical chain of the Romantismo of the iluminista thinker Jean Jacques Rousseau where the Man is seen to comoser originally pure being corrupted for the society, can be utilizadotanto for Geography how much for History, Sociology or Philosophy. Alencar temoutras workmanships that also can be used by Geography, the author did not selimitou to write classified romances as indianistas he has in its produoliterrias regional and urban romances, as the gaucho and Senhorarespectivamente. Although she has been make reference to reference the workmanship of Jose to deAlencar, classified in Literature as Romantic, the studies between Geografiae Literature have been carried through mainly with authors of correntesRealista and Naturalist, exactly for these to search to give its workmanships to umcarter documentary approaching them it the maximum of the reality. We have as autoresdestas chains Axe of Assis, Aluisio de Azevedo, Barreto Rasp and outrosque represents to the city of Rio De Janeiro in its romances.

Ana Olmpia

The proper name in them indicates the amplitude of its content, therefore nation is not afeita the territorial limits, but yes the collective feeling; Creole sends in them to the mestization. Mestizo is one another citizen that if constitutes from two distinct citizens, keeping in itself elements of each one, but that he consists in one third distinct voice of formed that it. Fradique Mendes, in contrast of what they had made its ancestral colonizadores, was dislocated for is of the center, ' ' calibanizou-se' '. It is in this condition, of hybrid, intermediate citizen the center enters from where the edge comes and which gradual if integrates, on board a slave ship called Creole Nation, that Fradique folloies the former-slave Ana Olmpia in escape for Brazil. ' ' I disembarked yesterday in Luanda to the coasts of two cabindanos sailors. Shot for the beach, wet and humiliated, then it assaulted me the inquietante feeling there of that it had left stops backwards proper mundo' ' (AGUALUSA, 2001, P. 11). Unhappyly Portugal is spread, does not colonize. We are thus while nation, one form of life more rudimentary than the Bacillus of Koch. Worse a stranger perversion makes with that the Portuguese where she wants that they arrive and we have sufficiently far fond, not only forget its mission civilizadora, that is colonizadora, but fast if they leave proper to civilize, that is to descivilizar. (AGUALUSA, 2001, P. 134) In the past, the trip is for it an exercise of elegant cosmopolitismo, but now it changeds itself into errncia. The opposite of the house/native patriarcal is the displacement, loss of the fixidez of the place the end of the house. On board the Creole Nation, Fradique and Ana Olmpia erram for the Atlantic., the Creole Nation can be a beautiful metaphor of this Fradique in version after-colonial invented for Agualusa, of this species of calibanizado Prospero where the personage if goes transforming. What it takes in them to think about the particular identitrio game that Portugal established with its colonies In the three presented romances we perceive a characteristic in common that it is to assume of personages and/or historical events under the order of the problematizao of the conceived facts as ' ' verdadeiros' '. That is, they are presented as romances historical and make the auto-reflection caused for the questioning of ' ' truths histricas' '.

The Woman

Its virtue is apparent and conventional. These are some of given attributes the woman, that strengthen the base of the exclusion of the feminine one in the society. To revert this paper demanded and demand effort, fight of the feminists in the search for the construction of fairness concepts enters the two sexos to take off the woman of the exclusion, and contemporarily for the construction of a new identity. This initiative is part of a battle in the field of the ideas that advances of heterogeneous form in the social, economic conjunctures, cultural politics in diverse parts of the planet, and in our field of analysis, literary. Continue to learn more with: Adam Sandler. The challenge to breach the project where the masculine and the feminine one if construct in opposition one to the other, was the crucial point for the movement feminist. The proposal initial was to reconstruct the project constructed from the patriarcal logic that made it difficult the perception of other forms. Important to detach that the construction has as premise the logic of the difference as positive element, pautado in the identity and without the inaquality, being considered the difference of the terms, but showing that one is present in another one, and, therefore, both can be equivalents. The differences between men and women, to if affirming, breach the unit, making possible the existence of a masculine identity and one another feminine identity. Elements as classroom, etnia, religion, age etc. cross the pretense unit of each element, transforming into multiple the masculine or feminine citizen thought about the singular. From now the question of the construction of feminine from the influence of literary compositions (BONNICI 2009, P. 218) &#039 will be argued; ' the feminine term appears as opposition to the masculine and make reference to reference the social conventions, that is, to a set of definite characteristics attributed to the woman culturally, therefore in constant process of mudana.' ' Since more tenra age has an extreme concern of the institutions in demarcating the spaces of the masculine and the feminine one for the teeny ones.

Souza Personage

Therefore the Isaura if incases perfectly in the described profile above, the same one has conscience of its beauty and of its diverse virtues, composing a polishing character and this could not be spotted in the aiding flesh time to the sinhozinhos or those that hierarchically exerted a position with certain power, with this ideology it intended to conquer its freedom in way joust. (2001, P. 132). Already Souza says in them that this behavior of the personage heading of the romance was typical and applicable ladinos slaves, who many times dissimulated to be sick, broke the instruments of works, as well as, revealed docile and obedient and servile, longing for some advantages and exemptions ahead of that is using the knowledge that had on the dynamics of the escravista society in its advantage. (2009) Another personage who also awakes the curiosity of the reader is the Rose, assanhada mulata, loving flesh time of the Lencio, gotten passionate for the slave Andres and with a desmedida envy of Isaura. Although with a irrisria participation in the workmanship, the diversion of this envious slave was to try of some form to humiliate Isaura, in the attempt to diminish the air of sinhazinha that the white slave had and at the same time to make this to understand that, exactly with as many privileges, in the hour of the punishment it was treated as any slave, is these of the great house or senzala, because the punishment was applied without advantage some. As the romance, has a clear perception of the character of the Pink personage and the disdain that has in relation to the Isaura, because the white captive exactly in one slavery situation was hierarchically above of the excessively enslaved ones, a species of ' ' Slave; '. As Pink it did not have these advantages and the corroia envy it in its soul, the way that it used to affect the slave of high level intrigues was them, hints and until some said provocations directly the Isaura.

Azevedo Caves

All psique human being structure from one determined time and space, thus what in centuries V and VI it was had as normal and acceptable, in centuries XVIII and XIX would be pro vain irreducible of delay and ignorance and, in view of that, in the time where lived the author of this workmanship, all the eyes were come back toward the great advances of science in what would be called, times later, of the century of the reason, will identify, for study ends, insight that in they send the coexistence to them, pacify or not, between the reason and the animal instinct inside of the mind human being in what if determines as psique. All the humanity always primou for to establish limits and, this, is one holds mento that we inherit of the animals and our primitive ancestor. The first space of which the man assook itself was, according to Wells (1972. p, 120 volume I): The man not only searched the caves. The period also discloses existn- cia of a lion, a bear and a hiena of the caves, these creatures had that to be you banish outside and kept from the caves the one that the primitive men desired to collect themselves hiding itself. The caves and, as we can perceive for this story, had the necessity of prote- to ger the space against any thing or any one that represented threat. Thus the space was divided between safe space, that is internal space e, unsafe space, that was the external one. It is easy to perceive that in the literature of the tenement house a clear delimitation of the geographic space exists therefore is initiated for the space of the tavern: Azevedo (2005. p, 1) ' ' ... Romo Joo was, of the thirteen to the twenty and five years, used of a vendeiro that enriched qua- enters tro walls of a dirty obscure tavern in the refolhos of the quarter of botafogo ...


I go to sing pain until the life of new happens I sees smoke flooded Capitals kings removing earth the soil you if opening the world if disintegrating a wind that blows north pro a wind that blows pra death the nature does not go to save and this violence more chaos goes to generate Is I goes to sing pain until the life of new happens extinguished Streets Destroos Ruins and the people homelesses it cold passo and who goes vestiz them They shoots a thousand for the moment and who goes frea them They had grown Without way That hand goes guides them Is I goes to sing pain until the life of new happens and the night they leave with lighted torches and queimo little of life that still remains Is I goes, I go to sing pain until the life of new happens They hangs aid They asks for it sky more than to it will not fall Aid Miracle Alone proper ' ' Homem' ' it can make a new life to renascer If for a new instinct of in the eyes if looking at If diverse intinias if derm the hands and if helping to alevantar If different classrooms more not to exist Pra a new world everybody go to follow Why this is I give to blow up, I go to even sing pain even until until a new life of new I happen I go to sing pain until the life of new happens

Poetical Workmanships

It matters, however, to distinguish two ideal moments in literature from the seven hundred. For not incurring itself into the mistake to point contrasts where it only had juxtaposition: ) the poetical moment that is born of a meeting, even so still amaneirado, with the nature and the common affection of the man, reflected through the classic tradition and of well definite forms, judged worthy of imitation (Arcadia); b) the ideological moment, that if imposes in the way it century, and translates the critical one of the cultured bourgeoisie to the abuses of the nobility and the clergy (illustration). In Brazil, the scholars of the history of literature consider the initial landmark of the Arcadismo the publication, in 1768, of the Poetical Workmanships of Claude Manoel of the Coast, still following the European model, the poets already approach the subjects neoclssicos, introducing elements of the colonial reality and the Brazilian nature. The movement rcade, in Brazil also is known as Mining School for corresponding to the period of the century of the gold in Minas Gerais that starts to be at this moment the economic center, cultural politician and. It is on, in over all particular the city of Rich Village and Rio De Janeiro. They are characteristic of this period: the cult to the nature, the bucolismo, the natural man, the use of simple words, the presence of mythology, simplicity in the form and the content.

Zilberman Society

Leaving of this estimated, he fits the reflections of Zilberman that explana clearly that in a society that grows by means of industrialization and if it modernizes in result of the new available technological resources, infantile literature assumes, since the start, the merchandise condition. There the importance of books, as of Wander the Antunes, to be adequate the situation of the current society, where, even so some values we importantssimos they are not taken advantage, still they exist reading made use to live in way literature. When inquiring ' ' to live literatura' ' we cannot leave to comment on the paper of the school in this experience. The union of literature and the school start from the moment that the child if sees in way the workmanships printed that, in the truth, are disponibilizadas in the proper school. It is used to advantage to remember that the responsible one in stimulating the infantile reader is the school to admire and to have contact with the literary compositions. Let us see what Zilberman displays: The bows between literature and the school start since this point: the qualification of the child for the consumption of workmanships printed. This sets in motion a circuit that places literature, of a side, as intermediate between the child and the society of consumption that if imposes to the few; e, of other, as caudatria of the action of the school, to who fits to promote and to stimulate as condition to make possible its proper circulation. (Zilberman and Lajolo, 2006. P. 17) Nelly Novaes Rabbit 2005 affirms that we are with that they say ' ' sim' ' literature, and in special, those that know that literature contributes for the formation of it leitorem society. Aindaexpe that is to the book that we attribute the biggest responsibility of the formation of the conscience of world of the children and the young.

To Be Young

. ' ' To be young is to be artist, to be happy same passing for difficulties, is to enxergar that a future to its wait in some place exists, to wake up in way to as many conflicts and exactly thus to follow in front, is to live adventures, to dream and of the failure to recommence everything again. To be Young is to be different, is to create its proper musics, to live its proper adventures, to recognize and to practise its proper responsibilities, is to live and to surpass lost loves, is to give force who is weak, to liven up who is sad, to take hope to who already lost the will of living, is to raise of the soil with the tumble, to smile with the sadness, is to look at front and to follow of raised head, is to break and not to know the hour of the arrival, to live each as as if he was the last one. To be Young at last is to be Strong! ' '..

The Explicit Memory

The register of the information of short term is subject to a fast esquecimento, unless it is repeated and with this transferred to the memory in the long run. 3,3 Memory of Long Stated period Memory of Long Stated period has a limitless capacity of storage and can be stored by indeterminate time. The recovery of the information demands some effort of the organism. The stored information can temporary be recouped and be transferred to the memory of short term. It has two types of memory of long stated period: the explicit memory and the implicit memory. The Explicit Memory implies conscience of the past, lived experiences, events, etc. This memory mentions everything to it what we only can evoke by means of words, and can be episdica, when it involves the memory of events that possess a secular label (that to happen at definitive moment in the time) or semantics, when involves the memory of the ideas and the atemporais concepts. The episdica memory constantly is associated with the autobiogrfica memory, a time that if reports the souvenirs of the personal life. It involves faces of people, musics, facts, experiences. She is personal and manifest one close relation between who remembers and what it is remembered. For example: the episdica memory is used stops remembering in them of what we made in the last anniversary. Tulving (1985, P. 387) defined the episdica memory as the conscientious memory of ' ' events personally lived fit in its relations temporais' '. The memory semantics allows to identify objects and to know the meaning of the words. The common knowledge is mentioned to it on the world: laws, facts, formulas, rules, etc. do not have localization in the time, nor linking with any action or specific knowledge. For example: the memory semantics is used stops remembering in them that the capital of France is Paris.

Urban Fauna

Urban fauna Antonio Padilha de Carvalho to live in this necessary planet if makes the waist game, the malandragem of the Carioca, jeitinho national, the way to be of the Cuiabano. Exists a code to be followed, to be kept, pursued, or inexists law that teaches in them to live? We run of a side for an other e, the more we reach, less we have, more we yearn for, less we are, more we desire, less we understand. January always brings new pages so that let us can write a new history, leaving of side the useless estrias that had packed in them, remembering that music still is possible, when the idea to us is useful. The law forbids to embed musicians of few mritos in the gutter, them already lives there, bogged until the neck, as using people of drugs. Drugs that they imprison on behalf of the freedom. People who use drug are unexpected, are animal, for option, act for instinct. The harmful substance is its reason of being. Later that they enter, they do not obtain to leave, lose the option. They are as fish, they do not live without water. Sick people that dreams of waterfall of beers, rains of based, pies of stolens good, entulhos, cadeados liquefeitos, cans, bottles, liters, curotinhos of drip, whiskey of twenty years, emblematic labels with fantasiosos drawings, packings that pack unhealthy and funestas illusions. As Salomo said: All illusion; The mothers, the parents, know of everything! They dissimulate to protect itself. She creates to protect it, create redomas unsurmountable, distorted protection with material supports, vises that force coasts to the problems, finding that given coasts decide the questions ece of fishes. The mothers, the parents, are sponges, suck everything! They believe that they live of the certain side of the hell, its you create they are ambulant morturias masks, they faint, they vomit, they do not work, they do not study, they find everything a bag and they participate of walks for the freedom.

Red Sea

From the heart of Spain, Madrid is a city that get ready to astonish to the tourists who visit with his practically millenarian culture. She is famous in addition by his festive air and its vital nighttime activities that every year congregate to million people of all the ages. Its manifold and immense hotel capacity are adapted to the exigencies of each client. It is possible to find hotels of great quality and stops economic and familiar prices, pensions and comfortable Madrid shelters. To obtain that the traveller feels as in house is the objective of any lodging, by that reason in the city exists an enormous one and varied supply of services and comforts. Perhaps the Madrid shelters are the best alternative for those than they look for a warmer and sociable atmosphere, as well as the rural lodgings are possibly the election of the tourists who wish to coexist with the nature of the environs of the city. The Spanish capital account with an ample full billboard of opera spectacles, theater, flamenco or musical comedies. It is complemented as well with festivales of music and dance that are realised in the summer and the autumn. The city of Madrid, famous for being one of the most animated of the world, with its tempting gastronomy, the purchase possibility that offers, and its frenetic nocturnal life constitutes one of the chosen destinies more at the time of vacacionar. For those travellers more audacious and prepared to submerge in a world of millenarian enigmas, Egypt agrees with the perfect destiny to enjoy during the vacations. Their archaeological rest and their famous pyramids, added to their old temples, Muslim do of this country one of most beautiful and visited churches and mosques of the world. Also the enchantment of the desert, their oases and legend are irresistible for any adventurous tourist who dreams about a Egypt trip. The impressive architecture, mainly developed in Cairo, as much in the houses as in the mosques, contributes great beauty to the landscape. Many of the people during their Egypt trip, besides visiting pyramids of Giza, main attractive of the country, wish to explore the fauna submarine that abounds in the Red Sea. Their bottoms, rich in chorales, are overwhelmed with numerous aquatic species. During the excursions it is possible to observe turtles, fish crossbow and sprocket wheels. The spa of Sharm the Sheik is one of the exotic destinies of the Red Sea; the coralline reef and the beaches also are one of the main places to visit.

The Sea

We cannot also forget that the poets simbolistas figures sonorous effect as the aliterao, assonncia. The poems that will be analyzed start sending in them to the sound, the musicalidade soon in its name, ' ' Sonata' ' rias of the Luar' ' ' ' Bandolim' ' therefore they are compositions or musical instruments. When reading the poem of Cruz and Sousa ' ' Sonata' ' we can analyze it and to find resources that make in them understands it as a simbolista poet and that it uses resources that make with that its poem has rhythm, musicalidade. In the poem some symbols are marked with initials capital as: the Sea and the Moon. Being that the Sea is one of the main symbols presented in the poem meaning the waters in movements. As in verses: Songs, light songs of gondoleiros, Songs of the Love, nostalgic ballads, You sing with the Sea, with the esverdeadas fog waves, languid and trembling! (Cruz and Sousa) the Sea if identifies as deposits of latent emotions and that it packs the songs of love of the gondoleiros. In the poem the Sea is sinestesicamente, portraied in sounds and grumbles as if they were cnticos. The linking of the poem to the musicalidade is represented by the use of the vocbulos flutes, harps, alades, cntico, songs and ballad, and for the job of the aliterao (musical repetition of consonants) and assonncia (repetition of vowels). Trites marine, beautiful deuses rudes, Deities of the tartars abysses, You vibrate, with the greens and acres eletrismos Of the vacant, flutes and harps and alades! (Cruz and Sousa) the poem presents four quarteto, of four verses, with esquama metric fixture of you rhyme parallel bars, with rhythmic project ABBA and CDDC. Important we observe that this rigid project of the metric one makes the poem to come close itself to the aesthetic parnasiana.

Ludwing Van Beethoven

The case is that soon the doctor closed punctures using lead soap, since this one disinfects and has the advantage to prevent that the bacteria nest themselves in the wound or enter the organism. The cirrhosis was favored by the alcohol consumption of Beethoven, but one discarded that the musician drank of excessive form. Apparently, the evil had mainly to that its liver had been debilitated by a hepatitis A. For Elisa it is in fact For Teresa: The most famous triviality for piano of Beethoven that everybody knows like " For Elisa" (composed the 27 of April of 1810), in fact he is " For Teresa" , since it is the title that appears in the original manuscript of Beethoven. One thinks that an error in the cotracks by the bad handwriting of our composer brought about this small confusion. Beethoven did not hear 9 symphony: In the opening of this great work, Beethoven was completely deaf. In fact, one says that when finishing the concert thought that the musicians had stopped touching by some reason, and the return occurred and saw all the room standing up applauding: The concert it had finalized. In certain occasion, Ludwing Van Beethoven it was invited to where were several Children of different ages, which retozaban without stopping, I call much to him the attention a beautiful called girl Elisa, the one who to the informed being of that were the teacher I approach to him and comment who also it was artist, because already touched some pieces to the piano, this fell very in grace to Beethoven and before retiring, it asked to him that it touched something to the piano. Girl with all joy I interpret works of several composers, but when Beethoven I ask for that she touched some of his sonatas to him, it with all the pain I explain that it liked much, but that they were very difficult, reason why the teacher promised to him, that he would make a piece much more simple, so that he was touched by her to the piano.

Uruguayan Gerald Matos

Nobody never danced ' The Cumparsita' with more lactic acid in the body. The spread tango more than exists, builds compound in 1915 by the Uruguayan Gerald Matos, was the wire of the choreography that Andrea Fuentes and Ona Carbonell dared to execute in the free end of pairs of synchronous swimming of the World-wide one of Shanghai. After the four minutes that the test lasted the two Spaniards they completed a masterpiece. Choreographically, a coherent and vanguardista narration that combined movements and music as it had never been made until now. Sport, a feat truncated by the muscular failure. Only a small synchronization error, at the end of the exercise, when the lack of oxygen triggered the acidosis and paralyzed the members of the nadadoras, allowed the judges to justify a score that put more emphasis in punishing the imperfection that in awarding the art. The result was a bronze medal.

Roberto Carlos

To speak of Roberto Carlos is to describe the pragmatic romantismo that its songs exhale in air. Its voice candy and purely human being tames the hearts. The subtility of expressing is something unquestionable. A man who marked innumerable generations later and will mark more and. A proud Brazilian talent. Likeable Roberto Carlos. A man, singer, composer, romantic and loving of the art of poematizar the life. The destination chose Robert Carlo to fulfill a love mission. Robert the king of Brazilian music. An artist who lives of the art to move, as it would say: ' ' they are as much emoes' '. The romantic language of clean Robert the soul Simply Roberto Carlos On behalf of the humanity I thank its contribution for world-wide art. Its dom is a gift for that it has the chance to hear the diverse entoados lyricisms. Bravely Robert the emblematic Brazilian voice.

Bulnes Samame Rock

For all musician who has had the opportunity to work in a Creole rock, he is to him very impressive the death of an exponent of this musical sort. In me case particularly, hurts much to me the game of Mr. Arthur Mulatto Cavero, since I had the luck to accompany it with the musical frame in the rock Charles and his rock. In the year of 1982, I work in this rock, and when the day arrived to contract marriage with my Adriana fianc2ee, we chose between both, to ask the owner of the rock, is our godfather. The owner of the rock Mr. Carlos Bulnes Samame, (that peacefully rests), accepted with much joy this order. In the month of Julio of year 1984, (considering me like artist exponent of our Creole music), turned my third anniversary in this activity. Our married godfather: Carlos Bulnes, wanted to homenajear to me by this anniversary; and it prepared for this event one night of rock, in a particular day, so that it did not have to cross itself presentations of weekend. It suggested, that we invited to Arthur Mulatto Cavero, and to Ana Maria to us Borja so that they were my artistic godfathers; the hand of God gave the luck us of which this outside reality. I am safe, that for me, and all the musicians who we had the luck to accompany it in its activities; for the Creole artists in its totality, and for all the public who esteem its art; Cavero Mulatto always will live in our memory. That voice will never go out, that will be listened to in but the deep thing of our being. Godfather rests peacefully; my artistic godfather.

Watermelon Celebration

During Uruana years it is known national as the capital of the watermelon. The great production of the fruit, causing the heading to the city, structuralizing the identity of the same one; which monument the fruit becoming the official symbol of the city. But with the increasing production of the sugar cane-of-sugar, the soy and the creation of the cattle, we can see clearly that the producers more do not prioritize the production of the watermelon in the region. Exactly with the interferences in the production, the city traditionally continues promoting the party, that has more than twenty years is considered a national and international success. The party of the watermelon grew proportionally and conquered international public, come people of different countries, to know the party and to swim in the famous river Uru. The festive moment occurs during the September month; in three days of party, a parade occurs to choose the queen and the princesses of the party. In elapsing of the party the producers of the region display its products, and of simple form they transmit the importance of the agrarian production in region. In the last day of the party a parade that passes for the main avenue of the city, a cultural parade carried through by the innumerable schools and other cultural groups of the city and of other regions is carried through that they aim at to present with property the importance of the art, the musicalidade, the land, the corporal expression and the cultural identity of this people. In this context we notice that the party is a cultural movement that during years comes monumentally constructing to the memory history of this goiana city.

Music as Speech

To the 10 years it was changed for the city to start its studies. It was in the school Gerardo Correa Rasp in Jaguaruana, that appeared the proposal for the formation of a Band of the School. At the first moment it did not have interest in entering the musical life. Two months later, the Band made a presentation in the patio of the school and thus its curiosity for music despertou. With the explanation that received on saxofone of a classmate, integrant of the Band, the interest of Pablo Jorge arose the point of if interesting to make its registration in the Band of the School. 1991, Pablo Jorge entered the Band to the 19 years as listener, therefore he did not have enough instruments for the new pupils. However, with the exit of integrant of the group of benches of saxofone Pablo it assumes the vacant. The lessons with the Teacher of the Band Eduardo Coast if summarized in the development technician for the execution of instruments, with objective to make the Band to touch the fastest possible, in this way pupils had that to surpass the execution difficulties what it could leave certain gaps in stages for a consistent musical education. The experience lived for Pablo Jorge if does not differ from the many joined ones in people who costumam to participate of Bands of music. In sight of this if it could reflect on a differentiated conception of musical education. Which defended for studious as Swanwick, goes beyond the practical one to play a instrument. ' ' conception of musical education as one form of cultural studies or social reinforcement tends to result in a very different resume of that it identifies music as a speech form.

The Romantics

Throughout the centuries had occurred the evolutions of the languages and the forms of varied expression meet each time more. In way that literature suffers historical influences, lingusticas and cultural in elapsing of its trajectory, changes these that if they reflect in the arts and the way to think and to act of a generation. Being literature on result of the quarrels and thoughts to one determined time and culture. The way to write and the form to express of an author or a school take emotion, commotion and criticidade to the intent reader to the space between lineses of the workmanship that bases its lives deeply social. The emotion in the poetries or the revolts in chats social changes the thought criticizes of the reading public, as well as its way to act, being these the main targets of the workmanships, that many times show or try to show the real face of so suffered society. Literature possesss the characteristics to revolutionize times in diverse aspects, being deliberated modifications and advances in the culture, the effective language and the forms of behavior, everything inside of an ample prism of people and its interferences, languages and cultures, become a way of transmission of ideas and thoughts. The Romantismo, literary school of century XVIII, was an artistic movement, politician and philosophical, in which possua as main characteristics a contrary vision of world to the rationalism, marked the neoclssico period and searched a exacerbado and utopian nationalism in the figure of the indian. Also marked for a strong subjetivismo, in order to influence in the arts and the life the taste for the death, the perfect idealizao of the perfect love, the cordialidade, among others characteristic. The Modernismo of century XX possua the characteristic to revolutionize the arts, in only in the writings as them you chat and the poetries, but also in the sculpture, the architecture, the painting and music.


The Christmas is a party world-wide known, is when the Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Not if he knows the origin of this date, only that the same one officially was created by Librio Pope, in the common year of 354 d.C. that in this date the people change gifts, to remember that the three magos kings - Belchior, Baltazar and Caspar - had offered to gifts for the boy Jesus after its birth. The practical one of if giving gifts represent this history, however Noel Papa is a mention to a Roman bishop, of the century V, ' ' They are Nicolau' ' , had to this to offer, in day 6 of December, donations - secretely - to the children of a very poor man. Therefore the day exists of Is Nicholas, who to the few was if fundindo with the natalino period. Thus also the private friend appeared, as a form hidden of presentear the people, and also to place gifts underneath of the Christmas tree, without nobody knows of who is and it placed who them there. Some types of gifts exist, but it is good for being intent to the gostos of the people in hour to buy them.? Children are on the toys and exist a great variety of the same ones in the specialized store. She does not think that clothes or a shoe will go to please more the small ones of what the toys, this is a deceit and in such a way.? Young adolescent likes music very and a device it type ipood or mp3 will have great acceptance. The computer science articles, as games, also are good gifts, beyond clothes, shoes, tennis, accessories, perfumes, amongst others.? The women costumam to be more demanding, jewel parts are a total affability. Shoes and stock markets also are well accepted, beyond lingeries fine, perfumes and creams.? How the men are more practical, prefer objects that use day-by-day in its, as wallets, shoes, shirts, pants, perfumes, etc.? People of more advanced age nor always are easy to please. She is necessary to be well intent to the gostos of the same ones, but the best ones are products that can use every day. Perfumes, sabonetes, pyjamases and nightgowns they are good gifts, as well as a delicious fine bonbon box, if this will not have related problems of health to the same ones.? It can also be given to gifts for residences, offices or doctor's offices, as much in dates special as inaugurations, as expontneamente and a good tip is the Manufato gifts (www.presentesmanufato.com.br) in ceramics that as much can be decorative as useful in the day the day.? If it does not forget to exactly presentear the people who are part of its life, that of simple form, as its house servant, driver, doorman, caretaker, lixeiro, and others. The important one is that the date brings renewal, joy and peace for all.

The Search

The idea of if approaching the challenges for teaching formation in the history education were of great relevance, therefore, the real configuration of the problems faced for the professors in the construction of the knowledge left evident and a concern the consensus between the professors is that the great challenge of the education is each time more in the search for resources that run away, when possible, to the traditional education, using books, musics, films, or dynamic of simulated elections and jury, as the interviewed professors had told. To use the playful one to facilitate the learning is the key for an education of the future and formation of cliente citizens of its paper in the historical process. To form and to professionalize the professor are before everything thinking about the objectives to be reached around the difficulties found for the same ones inside and outside of the pertaining to school environment. Perrenoud (2001) classifies the professor profession as a semiprofession; as a craft in ways of professionalization. This wants to say that it lacks to this profession a base of common theoretical and procedural knowledge and a explicitao of the proper projects and the forms to develop them and to evaluate them, as it occurs in other professions. The challenges and the proposals stipulated in this production aim at to collaborate with the form professors that come to add each time more and to contribute with its formation, from new methodologies and workshops stipulated for the proper school or city. It must be standed out that so important how much to apply these methodologies is to consider the context in which the pertaining to school community is inserted. During the studies for the accomplishment of this work one evidenced that the changes have been important to make with that the pupils pass of the analysis, comment and description of the document for a phase where this serves for introduziz it in the historical method.

Red Trip Of Vanessa

Edson Silva In the article series on workmanships of ' ' teletransporte universal' ' or simply travelling, the inspired music of today is ' ' Vermelho' ' , in the pretty voice of Vanessa of Mata. The world wheel in goes, while it likes to admire the smile and to spend hours being seen to sleep the loved person. Not without time, the singer observes the sun to invade the soil of the apartment and the Square of If where it sees an old one spending its solitude in way to the pigeons. To the gostoso rocking of reggae, the talentosa singer says to be red kisses that burn almost it. Kisses certainly of the loved person, meigos eyes. Alert Vanessa that everything can retrocede. The old solitary of the square, perhaps taken now for the multitude of people and pigeons, can be people at moment of solitude in the deep one of the soul, when we need to request aconchego to finish with the cold, who knows in red kisses, that almost burn in them and leave languid our face. How wealth our Brazilian Popular Music! When remembering the workmanship, until it seems that the voice of Vanessa of Mata starts to take by assault ours softly soul and is installed in subtle and natural way, as if always we had been property of the imerecida beauty. is not as soon as makes look like to be most of this world of contrasts? The same beauty, that we believe nor to deserve, divides space with histories of solitude, sadnesses and injustices. But, as alert Vanessa, everything it can retrocede at any point and who knows, instead of being the solitary gentleman of the square and the pigeons, either it example of the well lived life and that in it will give the prescription to them of making to be valid the penalty to live, in intense way, always admiring the magician of the art (of Vanessa), them colors (Red), them images (the sun invading the soil it apartment and of the public square) and of the sounds (reggae that it packs and it makes to follow trip in the kisses, that in they almost burn).

Chronic Speech

Speech of pain I am pain! Why all find that I am truily something so bad? The guilt will be really mine? I only know that I am pain, alone this! The good one of this is to be commented, but sensible, is not what they say. I perceive that for where I always walk I leave a track of reflection without equal, thoughts that if they transform into true literature, art and not only medical reports of diverse patients. Yes, I am pain! But exactly being who I am, I know that I am responsible in transforming something. Dumb people and me lathe other things, for times other words Metamorphosis! This already until if transformed into poetry, music! You, with who speak now, understand. I am necessary for its growth; its recognition of being what it is and not only plus a chronic headache. If not to respect its limits I arrive I have led, to the times with force, others without informing, but I always arrive. I am the effect, but not it bigger cause! If to desire to find the culprit, is easy, is looked in the mirror, is born together my friend. Action reaction, my partner, all linked one! I can until not being effective, but it does not think that I will be of all absent in its life, I always I am, I am part of it, but not of the death. Other leaders such as Source offer similar insights. In this I will not be with you, before it arrives, I I go myself I comment this for it to leave tranquilo more, therefore always I will be with you and of diverse forms. I can transforming until me into several, but never I will leave of being who I am, I am its truth, truily only its. Mrio Sergio Dos Santos

Original Book

If you have a piano, next, she locates his computer next to his piano and does the same. 3. Books of lessons Piano! It looks for a book of lessons of refining of pianos for nascent. This book will step by step guide through the basic concepts of piano and music generally. Little money would cost to him, but the book would be the equivalent to several months of classes, reason why it would be to him much more cheap that the lessons from piano. There are many books of piano available in line, nevertheless, will depend on if you can learn to only touch of a book. 4. Position! This is very important. This remembers: simply to touch the keys does not serve, is not going to sound well. I have here how to make the position: Sintese, the straight back, the wrists above, the elbows to the sides, the relaxed shoulders, the feet supported in the ground, sintese in the edge of its bank, and the knees must be under the piano. When touching the keys simply move the fingers, does not squash the keys. 5. It begins with the small things! Everything what must know is how to read music in sun key and key of fa and to know where the central Do is in the piano. It begins with the easy lessons of piano! It does not hope to touch immediately like Mozart. Everything begins with " Hot Cross Buns" (It looks for it). With the practice, you will be able to touch any thing. Although the self-training in the piano is possible, you must be it jeopardize to do it. A great way to do it it is to invest in some books of piano music. By a small price these books can help to avoid to have to pay much money him to somebody for particular classes of piano. If you are looking for books of piano lessons, as well as piano lessons free consult the connection of down.

Douglas Authorship

As fruit of this work that carries through the six years more than, the Tnia Teacher can see published in five books, sixth in final phase of elaboration, and periodicals as the Literary Beehive, the productions of its pupils in the form of poetries. Its work, today of national recognition, blunts with alternative in the improvement of modern education. Without more delays, therefore the time urges, delights us with the works of these small writers. 2. RECITAL the Prize Tobias Barreto de Poesia, it is part of the project Poet Apprentice, which this in its VI version, and aims at to awake in the pupil the taste and the pleasure to read and to write poetry., also valuing the existing literary wealth in our country and our state. We will now present some poetries of the authorship of our pupils: 1 - Adriana will go to declaim the Poetry of the Men of the authorship of the pupil Gabriel. 2 - Ana Carla will go to declaim Fictitious Poetry of the pupil Denissom Bonfim. 3 - Tasa will go to declaim Word of the pupil Gabriel 4 - Jorge Wally will go to declaim My Interior of its proper authorship 5 - Yasmim goes to declaim Smile of the pupil THamires 6 - Victor goes to declaim Reinventar of its proper authorship. 7 - Daiane will go to declaim Mayara Silva of the pupil Michael. 8 - Leiliane will go to declaim Glance of the Fidel pupil. 9 - Leilane will go to declaim the day where it was Even so of the Amanda pupil. 10 - Sidney will go to declaim Permission of the Katheleen pupil. 11 - Katheleen will go to declaim the Poetry in You of its proper authorship. 12 - Larissa will go to declaim Homesickness of Dog of Lucas Leonardo. 13 - Gabriel will go to present Mined Field of its authorship. 14 - Adriana it will go to declaim Ways of Jorge Alberto. 15 - Tasa will go to declaim Disillusion of Simone Silva. 16 - Jorge will go to declaim Wing of caro of its authorship. 17 - Victor will go to declaim Life of Jorge wally. 18 - Yasmim will go to declaim Great Thoughts of the Douglas pupil Michael. - Presentation of flute with alunasYASMIM and YANA touching musics: Twin soul, White Wing, My Parrot and Woman Tenant.

Selena Gomez

Been born in the Texas state, United States in 22 of July of 1992, Selena Go'mez teens of the moment is one of the main stars. Little people know, but its career started well before seriado ' ' The Wizards of Waverly Place' '. The career of the young woman started to the 7 years of age, in the seriado celebrity ' ' Barney and its amigos' '. Of a simple and charming beauty, the small Selena already was distinguished of the other children. Looking always a chance to act, the actress also participated of the film ' ' The Small Spies 3D' '. Selena started to have papers of bigger expression in 2006, when it was contracted by Disney Chanel. At this time it participated of seriados of success as ' ' Zack & Cody: twin in Ao' ' ' ' Hannah Montana' '. With much talent and devotion, it demonstrated to whom came pra to be. In October of 2007, &#039 estreou in Disney Chanel; ' The Wizards of Waverly Place' ' , the first production carried out for Selena Go'mez. Learn more at this site: Gina Bonati. Its personage soon conquered the public in the first episode, becoming young an icon of Teen public. In Waverly Place, the actress not only acted, as well as she sang and she danced. To the few he was born there, a star, good ahead of the eyes of the public. In 2008, it estrelou the film ' ' Another Cinderella Story' ' received a torrent from critical positive. In the following year, it decides to invest in its career of singer. Its first album of studio with the band ' ' Selena Go'mez and The Scenes' ' it received the name from ' ' Kiss & Tell' ' . Musics as ' ' Falling Down' ' they had shown to the public who it was really multitalentosa Its last film launched in the United States was ' ' Ramona and Beezus' ' , in Brazil it has forecast of estreia for the end of March of 2011. Selena continues recording other productions and its loving life goes so well how much the professional life. The singer started to namorar the singer Justin Bieber, forming a beautiful young couple. If you want to more know a little on the career of Selena Go'mez as singer, has access the site ' ' Which is the letter of music? ' ' with some letters of musics. There you will be able to confer the letters of the Selena Go'mez, this new princesinha of music pop.

Minas Gerais

Its poems are marked by the musicalidade (constant use of aliteraes), for the individualism, for the sensualismo, to the times for the desperation, the times for the pacification, beyond an obsession for the white color. It is certain that innumerable references to the white color meet, as well as a transparency, to the translucidez, the cloudiness and to brightness, and to many other colors, all always gifts in its verses. In the aspect of influences of the symbolism, an amalgam is noticed that conflui waters of the Satanism of Baudelaire to the espiritualismo on in such a way the effective aesthetic trends as the phases in the life of the author. When Cruz and Souza say ' ' brancura' ' , she is necessary to appeal to the highest meanings of this word, much beyond the color in itself. Alfonso Enrique of the Guimares Coast, was born in Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, in 24 of July of 1870 and died, in Mariana, the 15 of July of 1921. Ouro Preto was the scene of the first years of the life of the Poet who since its infancy gave signals of extreme sensitivity and accented introversion. Considered one of the great names of the mstico Symbolism, and for times of the Brazilian poets, Alphonsus de Guimaraens dealt with in its verses love, death and religiosidade. The death of its Constana fianc, in 1888, marked deeply its life and its workmanship, whose verses, melancholic and musical, are repletos of angels, serafins, purple colors and virgin deceased. Its sonetos present one classic structure, and is deeply religious and sensible in the measure where it explores the direction of the death, of the impossible love, the solitude and the inaptao to the world. However, the mstico tone ahead prints in its workmanship a feeling of acceptance and resignation of the proper life, of the sufferings and pains.

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