Origins of drug …

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Taking into account the background of this phenomenon, we place ourselves in a complex national picture, starring especially by the political violence of the forties and fifties, like the period of political exclusion of the National Front, among many other problems that arose in Colombia at one time. Drug trafficking, as such, was born in the sixties, a period in which global demand for drugs such as marihuanaaument significantly, without a clear offer in response. Colombia, by this point, just had some initial drug centers, centers such as La Guajira, Buenaventura, and Urab among others, with a small role in the growing world market. Marijuana being the primary drug production in Colombia (particularly in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta), the country enters the world market the drug business with one of the finest products and coveted.The epicenter of the first drugs in Colombia was the coast, become almost predictable taking into account the background of the drug trade and smuggling in the area, and spreads throughout departments such as La Guajira, Magdalena, Cesar, Atl ntico and Bol var, the first drug core export to North America . It established the first drug trafficking networks in North America, the business begins to flourish at a rapid pace, so do not take long for Colombia to grow internally as a producer, to satisfy the high demand. At the time of business growth, is when you highlight the roots of the drug trade, which so few are the same in the five outbreaks, and outlines the background issues that led the country to fall into the drug business. “The five centers of the Colombian mafia common features in its configuration from the historical point of view, since consolidated into the collapse of commodity agribusiness, mining, or trade of the local bourgeoisie, and the resulting injuries economic, social, cultural and public order, very strong around 1970 in the five regions. “1 While each of the outbreaks would specialize in the production of a specific drug type, and each would fight for individual prosperity, the drug problem has to accounts, a clear and single purpose: overcoming the economic crisis that the country was, and coping with unemployment and violence.The immediate response to the economic crisis that emerged in the country were the mafia, who badly need workers, peasants and displaced employ for their crimes. 1Anonymous, ALTERNATIVE MAGAZINE. 22 – Armenia, Colombia, ICFES. 1985 The posters of the mafia.

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