Patagnico Railroad

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The city of Buenos Aires, has a luck of continuous wharf from the old dock of hydroplanes, near the Airfield for light aircrafts to the environs of the old Pueyrredn bridge. (If we added as it suggests the rationality to all the metropolitan area. There are several embarkation points from the Port of Fruits of Tiger, until the port the Silver (the Dock Sud to the title of example of fan of possibilities is only included) not only like storing but embarkation points. In order to realise the transport a type of boat is required that can operate with little depths in the ports of origin as in the destiny (which as we will see ahead but they can be two). Some contend that movie star shows great expertise in this. The type of boat adapted of around 10 openwork feet (3 meters of depth), is known like " overseas hull ". Or they are making in Argentine shipyards, or possibly it is possible to be obtained by means of mechanisms of " charteo" in the international market. The landing point that happens us in present the states of our knowledge, is the wharf that exist in Viedma, province of Negro River, and that outside constructed for operations of the Patagnico Railroad and that does not know constant use him in the last decades, although it has been considered his use in some feasibility studies. Kind its design, this wharf, has access to the railroad, that thence arrives until San Carlos de Bariloche, happening through San Antonio the West.Indeed, the small port of San Antonio the West (not to confuse it with the port of San Antonio This, apt one for boats of much bearing), could be used for the operation of these hulls, since it counts on some luck of railway junction.

It is from the wharf of Viedma or from the one of San Antonio the West, the sweepings would be loaded in railway wagons, to take to him to the site that is chosen, within the mentioned branch. Any connoisseur than knows itself like " The Sur&quot line; , or the previous section that goes from Viedma to San Antonio the West, has sites where it would be possible to be deposited and to be treated the residues, with minimum environmental impact, and until the possibility of generating some productive and therefore generating activity of jobs. If to not know that like all emprendimiento, and mainly nonconventional, it acquires viability when has political support, they are outlined; thanks to that gallant project, like in Argentina, by means of a creative mobilization of the resources available, they are feasible projects that do to elevation of the quality of life, the developments viable and the territorial decentralization, in contexts critics as they are those that for a long time Argentina crosses, even highly sensible to to occur planetary. Buenos Aires, 16 of March of 2009 Original author and source of the article.

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