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PetroChina Company Limited (Chinese simplified Chinese traditional””””””’,:””””””’) is a Chinese-owned oil company China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), the largest oil producer of China, owned by the state.
The company is listed on the stock exchange of Hong Kong and New York and announced plans to issue shares in Shanghai in November 2007 and after his debut in the index of this city, its market value has tripled.
PetroChina Company Limited ( “PetroChina”) is the largest oil and gas producer and distributor, playing a dominant role in the oil and gas industry in China. It is not only one of the companies with the largest sales revenue in China, but also one of the world’s largest oil company. PetroChina was established as a limited liability company with the China National Petroleum Corporation under the Companies Act and the Special Regulations on supply and overseas listing of shares by Joint Stock Limited Liability Companies 5 November 1999. The American Depositary Shares (ADS) and H shares of PetroChina are listed on the New York Stock Exchange on Quadrant Asset Management 6 April 2000 (stock code: PTR) and the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on April 7, 2000 (stock code: 857) respectively. It was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange on November 5, 2007 (stock code: 601857). In late 2007, China National Petroleum Corporation poseia 86.29 of the shares of PetroChina.
Since the foundation, PetroChina has established and improved standard of corporate governance structure in accordance with applicable laws and regulations including the Company Law and the mandatory provisions for the Articles of Association of Companies for a list of articles and Overseas Association. The shareholders’ meeting, the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Committee of the Company can operate independently and effectively in accordance with the articles of association.
PetroChina is committed to becoming an international energy company with strong competitiveness and a major producer and distributor of petroleum and petrochemicals in the world. Is devoted to the wide range of activities related to oil and natural gas, including the exploration, development, production and marketing of crude oil and natural gas, refining, transportation, storage and marketing of crude oil and petroleum products, the production and marketing of primary petrochemical products, derivative chemical products and other chemicals, transport of natural gas, crude oil and petroleum refining, and marketing of natural gas.
PetroChina, under the guidance of scientific concept of development, is dedicated to the implementation of three strategies of resources, markets and internationalization. PetroChina is committed to accelerating the transformation of economic growth, improved self-innovation capability, the establishment of long-efficient mechanism for security, environmental protection and energy conservation and building a harmonious enterprise, so transformed from an energy company with strong international competitiveness.
China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) is the sole sponsor and shareholder of PetroChina. This is a major oil and petrochemical business group, established in July 1998 in accordance with the Plan for the Reform of Organization Structure of the State Council. CNPC is a large state enterprise managed by investment organ authorized by the State and the State-owned assets Supervision and Administration Commission.
In 2007, PetroChina won wide recognition in the international capital market for its excellent corporate governance and high profitability. We scored in the seventh “2005 Global Top 50 Oil Companies,” published by the American Petroleum Intelligence Weekly, the first in 2006 the top 50 companies in Asia “was announced by Business Week, and the sixth in” 2006 Global Top 250 companies Energy “advertising Platts, a world authority in the energy sector, primarily in Asia and the Pacific for last 5 years. He was honored as “the most profitable companies in Asia in 2006” by Finance Asia. … Freedom Funds offer a strategy for long-term investment … Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC, member NYSE, SIPC. 300 Puritan Way, Marlborough …
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