Pierre Richard

by yudaica2013 ·

Clothing Indians, loved in Europe and still not lost his fashion trend. For more specific information, check out Jorge Perez. Especially gorgeous, wearing a Mexican poncho now, in conversation with friends notice that it does from Mexico and not just purchased at a local store. And this is useful dress in any case – in the winter or for costumed ethnic parties. Visit to Mexico and not go to the bullfight? It does not happen, but to present yourself at home in front of friends edakii a "real cowboy?, And especially in front of a beautiful floor, will have to buy in the Mexican stores all uniforms. In addition to hats, which has already been discussed, it should buy more wool national costume, be sure a red bow around his neck, shirt, ornament, shoes with spurs and a belt buckle with a nice powerful. Remember the French film "Toy" with Pierre Richard – the main character was dressed in just such a suit. Waiting for you is about the same "representation" at home. And if you take into your hands and mandolin become a favorite with balcony serenade of learned – success guaranteed! Agree, although the image for the Europeans and unusual, but how attractive! If you decide to visit one of the mysterious places in Mexico – "Area del Silencio "- located six kilometers from El Paso, or, in Russian," Zone of Silence ", a good memory is a special ornament mascot in the form of tooth-tiger, or amulets, necklaces with feathers parrot or tubes bamboo.

With it scary to see a flying saucer or humanoid. The same type of "passion" and can see in Palenque, where one of the famous pyramids of "Temple of the inscriptions." It was there that there is a sarcophagus painted with God Kukulkanom similar to the astronaut. Not remain indifferent to the "street dead" in Teotihuacan, an area reminiscent of the runway.


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