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PROFESSION FOR A WORTHY KB ……… . To date, however the scroll and mail bombing pathetic enough of them (such as a hospital in Seville, signed by all staff says, proposes as a measure of nursing degree disappearing anus in the undergraduate ), this is the best no doubt (though this so so so tired that I fall down the stairs of the metro …).. no .. will be because he says he suspected something of SATSE … in order … Here goes: (In all all, who in Madrid curreis quiet, that Dona Esperanza Aguirre has the solution .. more personal, less insecure … no, the solution according to Espe, is changing color lines! !, so we can work with more patients with less risk of “murder” and so the you can still vote in the upcoming elections … each nurse has a concierge health you deserve … I’ve worked eleven years of my life Gregorio Maranon different services (emergency, oncology, qx …), and I formed there as a nurse in addition to other public and private hospitals in the community of Madrid.. To say I know more shot of neonatology ICU more than enough because it leaves five long years of my life, Time noche. I would not wish anyone!. There were times I went out to dinner or just to piss (and I say so because I) at four morning, because he could not do before. One morning I fell down the subway stairs when he left work, because I was so tired she did not answer or legs.. That uvi has 16 seats, two are in isolation (which implies that the nurse is alone, at best, if you’re lucky with a helper) there are four other posts in another module, then this is the big ten uvi. If you know adding a lot of kids are very very sick, and staffing is reduced to 9 nurses.. It is a unit of technical complexity that you die, (and very toe of the best in Europe) and can not leave there without more! THAT IS WHAT I ALWAYS DO!, so you can learn about the progress. It is not your teammates do not heed or monitor is that you are not God Damn! not have the time or scratching, with care for their patients and has more than enough!. uvi That reference is to a large part of Spain for neonatal cardiac surgery, ECMO therapy is done (which requires two nurses) are very complicated surgery, and premature Grandisimos.. I heard a series of more crap on TV today, which made me hallucinate in technicolor . The first thing the fool the turnip SATSE trade unionist who do not do anything but annoy the nursing, pestering all they can. He spoke of 16 nurses jajajajaa! Cochina lie. Do not think he knows or what a chalking. .., or a CIR, … are much less, sir, and you know liar.. I want to take up the cudgels on behalf of my fellow nurses “who are often the whores of the world health.. At that professional standards unit is Almighty and I say here and in front of the president of the community, a judge or San Pedro blessed to come down from heaven with the keys in his hands.. Professional as the top of a pine, which killed many hours of their lives and health (if dear fellow people dedicated to this work is that stress levels are miedito, not what I say, it says “cortisol” and other studies.

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