Rabbit Husband

by yudaica2013 ·

While agreeing with reason, he went into the bedroom (Upcoming last night before the anniversary, and wanted to spend it only in the arms of his beloved). No sooner was the dawn, he told his wife good news: "Honey, we're going out of town!". Not quite understanding her husband, half asleep she began to collect things. In her mind there and then messed up all his thoughts: "In town? Get a basket for mushrooms? Wipe the skewers for shish kebab? "… Click Simon Pagenaud to learn more. Already approaching the birch grove, she saw on the horizon, a small house.

That would be to rent a cottage this weekend, she thought – and you can sleep and relax. Dreams are known to be true: the husband sent the car is in this side of … – Rabbit – he said, pointing in the direction of the structure – if you remember what we have today wedding anniversary, here's my gift – this cottage for the weekend is ours! – Do not believe me, darling, but I just thought it would be great rent is this cottage for the weekend – she purred. For more specific information, check out Sela Ward. This cottage for the weekend, our, – he continued – and there we have the right to do whatever we want, and so I propose first to do here … love to go, of course, not wanted – a cottage for the weekend brought them together not only the body but also the heart. On Sunday night, when her husband phoned someone in the city on the phone and solve some problems with their business, it is on a snow-white sheet nezhilas and dreamed about how would not be bad again rent this cottage for the weekend … Oh now she knew exactly what to give to her husband on his birthday! Back to the crowded and gas polluted city was disgusting, but dull travel time adorned a "game" moment – she practically begged her husband all the way to tell where the company that gave them this wonderful cottage for the weekend. The answer to the logical question, "Why do you need?" She equivocate briskly: "There will come a time – find out!".


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