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The luck of the Earth is located on the back employment Iceland horses and riding with the leisure partner horse is often reduced in the increasing age. We have stopped years ago with the dressage or show jumping or we no longer find the time for an own horse between work and family. To come often health problems, because who does not know the little aches and pains in the back of the sitting in the Office or stand all day in the retail sector. But just the love for the horse and nature can provide the balance and relaxation us, bring us back the strength and inner peace. (Similarly see: Jacob Dilla). For more than 20 years Nana Degenhardt breeds Iceland horses in Farven, in Rotenburg / Wumme. Iceland horses are very robust and small horses which defy all weathers. The Iceland horse serves to overcome large distances instead of the trot of a four beat gait, the Tolt.

The Tolt is a very smooth gait and therefore back very gently. It is said to also true to riding, in the meaning of travel the motto Iceland horse seen in horses”. Who likes it to horses so gently back and wants to experience nevertheless fun in nature with a horse, should not be afraid times to look at a horse of Iceland itself. On the Iceland horse Stud Miller Hoff in Farven, is to meet the ability in theory and practice Iceland horses. You will find numerous offers from the riding school to a short holiday on Iceland horses Stud Nana Degenhardt. In picturesque surroundings, you will find back to riding, because lucky Earth is located on the back of the Iceland horse.

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